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1Dozens of works of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) students are exhibited in The UB First Young Scientist International Seminar & EXPO on Thursday, July 13th ,2017 at UB Widyaloka front yard. Faculty of Engineering (FT) participated by deriving 12 excellent innovations.

Not only showcased their work, the twelve teams also presented their work at an international seminar inside  Widyaloka hall. The twelve masterpieces are include JIGSAW, ThrowApp: Android and iOS based Application for Clothing Design and Buying-Selling, ROLLEX: Rollerblade to Generate electrical energy, CABLE, Fish Actors to Prevent Large Fish Fishing, Silica Aerogel from Flying Ash (Fly Ash), Magnesium Activated Battery by Sea Water, CATTERPILLAR, SIJAR IMG_20170713_125436(Anti Drowsant Jacket), ALAKANTUK, ZUGOS, and GOSWAT.

6The products shown are the research of students who participated in theStudent Creativity Program (PKM) UB 2017 and successfully funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

IMG_20170713_120603Vice Dean for Student Affairs FTUB, Dr. Slamet Wahyudi ST MT claimed, to include the 12 works is as a form of preparation in facing the external Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) on next July 18, 2017. “Next week they will be determined who will represent UB in PIMNAS, so the Student Affair unit really prepare these students to be ready to compete,” he said.

The faculty has prepared PKM teams that will compete for PIMNAS seats to be mentally and physically ready. Starting from periodic monitoring and evaluation to the publication process. (mic)


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