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S_7583535624346Indonesian Architect Convention (IAC) is a forum for practitioners and academics of Architecture and urban to gather, sharing ideas, and discuss the latest development of architecture. Two UB Architecture lecturers, Dr. Susilo Kusdiwanggo, ST., MT and Abraham Mohammad Ridjal, ST., MT also contributed his ideas to this forum. Do not want to miss the opportunity, also present the student team; Abidzar Al Ghifari, Annisaa Windahasanah, and Alaa ‘Geis Bawazier also presented their ideas in a forum titled “3×4 Talks”.

IAC 2018 itself is an annual forum organized by IAI (Indonesian Architecture Association) as a forum for the architects in Indonesia. At the forum, the participants attended a series of activities and discussion forums that took place at Siola Building, Tunjungan, Surabaya. The series of events take place from 18 to 25 February 2018.

The presentation session itself was held on 22 February 2018. The first presenter from Department of Architecture UB is Drs. Susilo who delivered a presentation entitled “Teritori, Batas, dan Proteksi Kasepuhan Ciptagelar: Menggali Sistem Spasial Pengetahuan Asli pada Masyarakat Budaya Padi”. Abraham Ridjal continued with his writings on “Menggali Konsep Ruang-Lokal dalam Ber-Arsitektur”.

In the student panel, Abidzar represents his group bringing a presentation entitled “Program Terpadu dan Strategis untuk Pengembalian Warisan Arsitektur dalam Upaya Re-Branding Identitas Kota Malang”.

S_7583536981401“We are trying to provide a solution that involves preservation efforts of the architectural heritage of Malang city to form the identity of the city in the present context or even the future,” said this 2016 class student.

In the future, all the titles presented by the presenter are planned to be collected for a full book. It is hoped that all ideas and solutions presented will not stop at this forum but can be accessed by the wider community. (abidzar/emis/mic)

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