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kemahasiswaan1Against the background of the evaluation of the supervisor and a team from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering related to the less optimal achievement of students in the Robotics Contest and National Rocket Competition (KOMURINDO), Student Affairs unit of Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT–UB) held a training to Increase Student Achievement.
Activity which was attended by a hundred students of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering was held in the Auditorium Prof. Ir. Suryono, Thursday (26/11/2015).
Materials […]

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workshopSKP0Initiated by Sub Division of Human Resources & Finance, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) held a workshop entitled “Workshop of Employee Work Targets, Workload, and Improved the Accomplishment of Annual Performance of Administrative Staff”.
The activities which was held in Auditorum Prof. Ir. Suryono, Saturday (21/Nov/2015) was targeting the entire administrative staff in FT-UB both government or non-government officer.
Present as the speakers in this workshop were FT-UB Dean Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono MT, Vice Dean for Public Administration & Finance Dr. Ir. […]

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JEMBATANKALIMEWEK1Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) and Jawa Pos Radar Malang, again, will  held a bridge construction program in Malang city. This time, the two institutions that previously successfully revitalize Betek-Tembalangan Bridge targetting KaliMewek bridge that connects RW 3 and 5 in the Tasikmadu Village, Lowokwaru District Malang.
“We initiated this program, due to our success in last year program in built Betek-Tembalangan Bridge . And the remarkable participation of the community while raising funds left us some left over,” said Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri […]

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