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loekitoInternational Office Universitas Brawijaya (IO-UB) offer Dual Degree Program in cooperation with the University of South Queensland (USQ), Brisbane, Australia. This program is offered to undergraduate students of Civil Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering Departments of Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB). With the existence of this opportunity, the student could receive two degrees, Sarjana Teknik (ST) and a Bachelor of Engineering Science (B.Sc).
In socialization held in Auditorium of Prof. Suryono FT-UB, International Liaison Officer of IO-UB, Prof. Dr. [...]

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tarawih1Da’wah story of the Prophet Muhammad in the city of Ta’if save a lot of meaning and lessons for Muslims worldwide. Rather than accepted the teachings of the Prophet, Ta’if City residents at that time even reject and expel the Messenger of Allah with stones and insults until severely wounded.
In the midst of feeling sad because of love for his people, Rasulullah get an offer from Jibril to punish the inhabitants of the city by slamming two hills [...]

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Environmentally friendly toothpaste the work of Chemical Engineering Faculty of Engineering students of Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB), EXCELDENT, again obtained an award in the international arena. After the gold medal in the International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition (i-ENVEX) in Malaysia, EXCELDENT gained a similar award at the International Young Inventor’s Award (IYIA) in 2015.
The event was organized by the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA), held at the State University of Jakarta, June 7 to 8, 2015. No less [...]

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