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Pitojo Tri Juwono, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering UB achieved an award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Thanks to the hard work and concern for community service in the field of energy, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) received an award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral, ESDM). All of these honors are thanks to the green thumbs of the Dean of FT UB Dr. Ir Pitojo Tri Juwono MT [...]

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wirawan1The world’s dependence on fossil fuel and electrical energy storage equipment technology currently has a low energy density, so sooner or later we required technology to conserve fossil fuel and also a new technology to store/convert energy which has a high energy density.
It was what lies behind Wirawan, B.Eng. (Hons), MT to make a dissertation entitled Performance of Micro Combustion As a Potential Power Generation. Many studies have been done to extract the energy contained in fossil fuels [...]

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Student Association of Industrial Engineering Department (HMTI), again preparing their annual event, Industrial Event (INVENT) 2015. This event is a series of activities that has three main events; INTEL (Industrial Intelligence) 2015, iSMEC’s (Small Medium Industrial Enterprise Competition 2015), and Workshop 2015. They carry a theme of Celebrate AEC “increasing the competitiveness and ability to support local innovation through product”
Competitions at this event are mostly Engineering scientific which are competitive and applicative but have a different concept to show. Industrial [...]

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