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Mesin2The assessors of the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) Ministry of Education, Research, and Technology visit Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) to hold an assessment on accreditation of Doctoral Study Program (S3) Department of Mechanical Engineering.

BAN-PT Assessors team consists of Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. I Made Londen Batan M.Eng (Sepuluh November Institute of Technology Surabaya) and Prof. Ir. Jamasri, Ph.D. (Gajah Mada University).

The arrival of the assessors was welcomed by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS., Dean of FT-UB Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT and staffs, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department Dr.Eng Nurcholis Hamidi, ST., M.Eng and staffs, Head of Quality Assurance Unit (GJM) Dr. Lisa Dwi Wulandari, ST., MT and staffs, and the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program Prof. Ir. I.N.G.Wardana, M.Eng., Ph.D.

In addition, also present at this event the Head of Department, Head of Academic Supporting Units, and the Head of Administration in the FT-UB. The event was held in 3rd floor Meeting Room, FT-UB building for two days, 19-20 May 2017.

mesin1“We as faculty leaders also invited leaders of other departments as part of preparing, togetherness, encouragement, and to give support to the department that’s being visited,” said Dr Pitojo, Dean of FT-UB, in his speech.

Prof. Bisri, as the Rector of the university said that one of the Rector programs in the quality target is to make all department that is old enough to get A accreditation, and those that already accredited A should be increased to have international accreditation. He also stressed that as a token of leadership commitment to provide quality improvement, UB has a quality assurance agency at the university level, faculty, until the department level.

“To build this commitment, we will continue to provide guidance in every process of accreditation from the level of the university, faculty, up to the departments,” he said.

Mesin3Prof Jamasri, one of the assessors said that the team has read the documents that have been sent by Task Force Team of Department of Mechanical Engineering UB. He also asserted that the assessor team will give a fair assessment.

“The documents submitted are very complete, the evaluation is also running quickly, hopefully, the process is smooth. Later we will also make visits to the laboratory, majors, meet with alumni, students, and related parties,” he concluded before starting the evaluation process.

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