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sanusiEnergy demand is increasing in line with economic and population growth. This fact indirectly also increases the level of pollution and global warming. Wind energy as one alternative source of energy that is environmentally friendly can be utilized with the use of wind turbines.

Ir Arifin Sanusi MT, Doctoral Program of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya, through his dissertation entitled Simulation and Experimental on the Performance of Wind Turbine Type Savonius with Combination of Conventional Blade and Ellipse. He took the Savonius Turbine as a research object because as one of the vertical axle wind turbines, Savonius has simple construction, low cost, relatively low operating speed, and has the ability to receive wind from all directions. Nevertheless, the Savonius wind turbine has a lower efficiency than other wind turbine types.

“The purpose of this study is to improve the performance of Savonius turbine by combining conventional blades and ellipses that have been developed by previous researchers,” said the father of three children while defending his dissertation.

Utilizing the advantages and disadvantages of the blade, a modified Savonius wind turbine by combining a conventional blades as convex side and elliptical blades as a concave side into a combined blade. This research was conducted by simulation and experimental, where simulation using computational fluid dinamics (CFD) with the help of ANSYS Fluent 14.5 program, while experimental implemented using open system wind tunnel. While the object of research is prototype blade rotor wind turbine type Savonius with conventional blade model, ellipse, and combination.

“From computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis it is concluded that the flow patterns in combination blades show the best performance followed by elliptical and conventional blades,” the lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Nusa Cendana University, Kupang, concluded, ending his presentation session.

This dissertation supervising committee consists of Prof Ir Sudjito Soeparman PhD,  Dr Slamet Wahyudi ST MT, Dr Eng Lilis Yuliati, ST MT. While acting as the examiner is Prof Ir ING Wardana MEng PhD, DrEng Nurcholis Hamidi ST MEng, and Prof DRTechn Suyitno ST MT. After successfully defending his dissertation, Arifin Sanusi passed and given to him a Doctorate of Mechanical Engineering with a very satisfying predicate. (mic)

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