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IMG-20180724-WA0043The Urban & Regional Planning Department (PWK) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) has just received a visiting guest from the PWK S1 Study Program of Muhammadiyah University  of Banjarmasin (UMB). The visit was welcomed in the PWK 3rd Floor Studio Room on July 24, 2018.

Abdul Wahid Hasyim welcomed the group from UMB with an explanation of the PWK profile “PWK was built since 1998, so this year it was even 20 years,” explained the Head of the PWK Department. Furthermore, the PWK FT UB lecturers who also welcomed the group’s introduction introduced themselves and were welcomed with the introduction of the UMB lecturers so that a warm family atmosphere was established.

“The purpose of our visit from the Banjarmasin group is to strengthen the relationship with PWK FT-UB,” Chairman of the PWK S1 Study Program Andi Ahmad S explained. The visit from UMB was carried out in the framework of a series of excursion studies which were followed by 16 students accompanied by 6 UMM lecturers.

The surprise during this visit was the participation of Miftahul RIdhoni, one of the alumni of PWK FT UB and S2 Civil Engineering FT-UB Sub-Interest in PWK who has become one of the teaching staff at UMM. He told about the educational history and the thesis guidance course and his thesis with I Nyoman Suluh Wijaya.

Furthermore, Ismu Rini Dwi Ari told the guests about the curriculum, academic system, teaching, achievements, history of accreditation, and activities that have taken place in PWK, one of which is the implementation of ICPEU international seminars in every two years.

IMG-20180724-WA0045This Secretary of the PWK Department also explained that the PS S1 has just held a curriculum update workshop, one of which is the renewal of the S1 exam system both at proposal seminars, results seminars and final assignments and the addition of internship (a.k.a Kuliah Kerja Lapang/KKL) courses on the S1 PS curriculum.

In the discussion session, Kartika Eka Sari, one of the PWK lecturers, also explained that PWK FT UB has the privilege of having a varied studio so that the outcomes of PWK UB alumni are more universal.

The visit was closed by giving souvenirs by the Head of UMK Undergraduates Study Program of UMB and Secretary of the Department of PWK FT UB and an appreciation speech from the group leader of UMB for being welcomed warmly full of family and getting knowledge about curriculum evaluation and inputs that are expected to be useful for the progress of Study Program S1 PWK UMB.

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