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Participants List of Graduation Ceremony Period I Academic Year of 2017/2018 on September 9, 2017:


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Attention to all Master and Doctoral Students Academic Year of 2016/2017 who have not followed Orientation of Education and Student Affairs (ORDIK) yet, please register to Academic Affair Unit at 4th floor of Faculty of Engineering main building (Dwi Retnowati) no later than Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 1.00 pm.
Best regards,
Academic Affair Unit

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[REVISION] Results of Doctoral Student Admission test  Academic Year 2017/2018 Batch 3
Download [1.52 MB]

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Industrial Engineering Brawijaya University proudly presents:
Industrial Intelligence (INTEL) 2017: A Product Design Competition
“Improving Economic Growth of Indonesia’s Creative Industry through Green Innovation”
Important Date:

Registration and Preliminary Stage: June 26th – August 26th
Submission of Mini Proposal: September 1st – September 30th
Submission of Presentation Material: October 7th – October 18th
Final Stage: October 20th – October 22nd

Free registration with total prize of IDR 10.000.000!
Register now and be the young generation for a better future!
Further information visit/add:

Instagram @intel_ieub
YouTube: Industrial Intelligence TI-UB
Website: invent-ftub.com

Contact Person:

Febrina: 087702015016/Line febrinapp
Deviany: 083834129898/Line devianytan

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Participants List of Graduation Ceremony Period XIII Academic Year of 2016/2017 on August 26, 2017:
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OFFICIAL INFORMATION related to the Introduction to Campus Life (PK2MABA) Freshmen of Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas can ONLY be accessed through UB’s Architecture Department website (http://arsitektur.ub ac.id), announcement board of Architecture Department FTUB, or through PK2MABA Department of Architecture Call Center on 0822-5701-8035.

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Results of Master and Doctoral Student Admission test  Academic Year 2017/2018 Batch 3

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Re-registration Schedule: 7 – 18 August 2017
PAT Schedule: Between 7 – 18 August 2017 (further Info in each Department)
 Procedure to Get NIM
1. Students pay tuition fees at Bank Mandiri, BCA, BNI, BRI, and BTN throughout Indonesia by filling in the deposit form by listing the Test / Registration Number
2.  Payment data will automatically be stored in UB database, unless payment is done manually you must validate to UB’s Receiving Treasurer
3. Proceeds to Get NIM and online Registration via https://siam.ub.ac.id/ then click the PIN info, input Test Number / Registration and [...]

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To all Academic & Admnistrative Staffs of
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya
In connection with the development of GAPURA services by TIK unit of Universitas Brawijaya, UB Email (@ ub.ac.id) as one of the most frequently accessed information system user service will also be integrated to GAPURA.
To achieve this integration, Email UB (@ub.ac.id) has been officially migrated into the Gmail platform on August 1, 2017. The migration did not cause changes to the email correspondence address (@ub.ac.id) which commonly used by UB Email users, however UB’s Email access modification is changing according [...]

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How to Get NIM

Paying tuition fee (SPP/UKT), prospective student login to siam.ub.ac.id using registration number and PIN as username and temporary password
Next you will get new NIM and Password, record and save the NIM and password because this announcement will appear only once
Do not forget to save this NIM and its password because it will always be used by students to access SIAM, Email, Internet access around UB campus, etc
You can start loading your identity through SIAM service by entering your account (username and password)


Click on the [...]

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