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Konsultasi Desain dan Logo Inovasi ProdukSix lecturers from Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) and a team of students who are members of the IbM (Science and Technology for the Community) community service team developed an innovative tool for grilling processed food to improve product quality.
“Our partners who have a grilling-based culinary business and plan to open a new branch said that they need innovative grilling tools so that they can produce things faster,” said one member of the community service team, Endra Yuafanedi Arfifianto, [...]

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IMG_1042(1)The 3 in 1 program that held in Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) provides valuable experience for students. With this program, students can get experience from lecturers from abroad, practitioners, and internal lecturers at once.
At TI-UB, the 3 in 1 program is offered through Quality Management courses in Odd Semester Academic Year 2018-2019. This class is attended by 20 students.
To run the 3 in 1 program, TI-UB cooperates with foreign lecturers Assc. Prof. Dr. Effendi bin Mohammad from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Melaka (UTEM) and [...]

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IMG_1058The Department of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) again held a 3in1 Program for Quality Management courses. The three presenters invited to this activity were Assc. Prof. Effendi bin Muhamad from Malaysia Technical University (UTeM) Melaka, Visiting Practitioner from PT Beiersdorf Indonesia (BDF) Sukri Mubarok, and internal IT lecturer, Oyong Novareza, ST MT Ph.D.
This program was opened by the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Engineering UB (FT-UB), Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST MT PhD. He stated in his remarks that this [...]

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IMG_0684Starting the practicum in odd semester academic year 2018/2019, Simulation and Industrial Application Laboratory (LSAI) of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) provides an introduction to 72 practicants, Monday, August 27, 2018, at the 6th Floor Auditorium TI-UB Building.
LSAI assistant coordinator, Siswanto Indra Rochmana, asked the practicant to comply with the applicable regulations and not to miss the deadlines set by the laboratory assistant.
“Reflecting on the practicums in the previous semester many have exceeded the deadline. This is due to the software project being carried [...]

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NailaIndustrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya Student (TI-UB), Naila El ‘Arisie, was chosen to be one of the 10 students who received international scholarships from the 2018-2019 Cargill Global Scholars Program (CGSP) from all over Indonesia.
Each recipient of the CGSP scholarship will get benefit an education fund from this United States multinational company of US $ 2500 (approximately 36 million rupiah) per year for two years.
Based on the official website of CGSP, recipients of CGSP scholarships are designed to foster and enhance leadership potential, critical thinking [...]

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2(1)Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory (SRK), Department of Industrial Engineering (TI), Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) has a field study to Bandung. The visit was made to the Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) Industrial Statistics Laboratory  and PT. Dirgantara Indonesia on 24-25 July 2018.
The first visit was at the Industrial Statistics Laboratory which is one of the laboratories under the auspices of the TI Study Program, Faculty of Industrial Technology Unpar, Bandung. The delegation from the SRK Laboratory was welcomed by the Head of [...]

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IMG_0566One of the implementation of High Education Tri Dharma in the field of community service, on July 17, 2018 Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya held training and socialization of the importance of fresh milk packaging design in order to increase the economic value and selling power in Paguyuban KUD Sumber Makmur located in Waturejo Village, Ngantang District, Malang Regency.
This community oversees the dairy farmers who supply the milk to the KUD Sumber Makmur. These [...]

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IMG_0333State-owned railway manufacturing company, PT. INKA (Persero), invites domestic universities to participate in building an independent Indonesian railway industry and not rely on technology from abroad.
This was conveyed by the Director of Commercial and Technology PT. INKA, Ir. Agung Sedaju, MT when giving a guest lecture entitled “Development of Technology and Industry of Indonesian Railways” in the Department of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB), Friday, July 13, 2018.
“We need resources to build a railway industry in our own country. As said by [...]

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591799Ground coffee has its own place in the hearts of coffee lovers because it has a thick and strong flavor. But in the brewing process, ground coffee leave a residue that for some people can lessen their enjoyment when drinking coffee.
Therefore, four students of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) introduce Grinder Pocket Coffee. Ground coffee that is inserted into a strainer bag (filter bag) so that it won’t leave residue when brewed.
“Such techniques have been commonly applied by some developed countries such as Japan, [...]

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TI (3)The Industrial Management Studio (IMS) for the second time held a Sharing Session with the theme “PPIC: Challenges in Industrial Practice” on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 at 6th floor Auditorium of Industrial Engineering building. Agustina Eunike, ST., MT., MBA., the Head of IMS said that after holding a similar event with the theme of Logistics Management last year, she wanted to add more insight for students to support theoretical knowledge learned in class with giving a practical examples in the real industry.
“Sharing session [...]

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