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Mochammad Wahyu Muharyanto and Regina Yolanda, two students of Chemical Engineering of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) won a bronze medal in the International Young Inventors Award. The event was held at the State University of Jakarta on last Saturday until Monday (06-08/Jun/2015).
The two students who team up as eco-INK team competed in the field of textile/chemical to make an environmentally friendly ink prototype. “This Eco-friendly inks made from the dried leaves as raw materials and given a bit of [...]

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 In order to regenerate the assistant and provide the opportunities for the students of  TI UB to give more contribution and develop their interest in the field of statistics and quality engineering, the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory holds open recruitment for the new assistant, which the stages are carried out from the beginning of June until July 2015. The open recruitment is held for the students of Industrial Engineering class of 2013 only. As of the date of registration [...]

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also copyConcern as one of so many user of “PELOR” bridge that connects Slamet Riyadi street and Tapak  Siring, inspire Aldo Siregar, Students of the Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) class of 2010 to win the National Architectural Contest “SIMPUL” 2015. With all his achievements, Aldo insists that all prizes and awards he got are not the main thing.
“The opportunity to share the experience of architecture is the Grand Prize,” he said. One of [...]

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The euphoria of good news from Tri Mulyani Sunarharum (PWK UB 2006) whom newly elected as Student of the Year 2015 at the Queensland University of Technology.  Yani (as we called) is an international student from Indonesia and the first PhD student to receive the award. Yani is currently completing a doctoral degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the university.
“I was surprised to receive the award. Do not think that I would [...]

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Right at the date of June 24, 2015, Department of Industrial Engineering celebrated its 10th year. Before becoming a Department, the Industrial Engineering Study Program (hereinafter referred to PSTI) was established on June 24, 2005 on the basis of the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education No. 2004 / D / T / 2005. PSTI is under Faculty of Engineering organization that has been established since October 23, 1963 by the Decree of Minister of Higher Education and [...]

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Visually impaired person despite not having the ability in the sense of sight, but they are given the ability to be sensitive to the sense of touch. To conduct transactions related to money they can also touch on the texture of the money.
However, it turns out a number of blind people have difficulty in sensing the money when it worn out or old money. So they often ask the other before making a transaction.
Seeing this phenomenon, Nirakatriena Pravitaswari (20) and [...]

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Vienna – Tuesday (19/5) I (*Yusfan) had an opportunity to see a public lectures session of a starchitect. Because of its five stars, it was very crowded at Kupersaal of TU which the hall is quite interesting for me. For the first time I was there. This timber-constructed hall is located in the middle-top of the oldest buildings on this campus. Actually it is an attic, yet can accommodate up to two hundred people. At that time I was late [...]

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Final judging of The series of Architecture Student National Competition “Node”, was held on Thursday (2/Jul/2015) ago. Selected as the winner was Aldo Siregar, the Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering, University of Brawijaya year of 2010, with his “Peloro Bridge”. Aldo got to enjoy a study trip of six days and five nights to Tokyo, Japan.
This National Competition was a collaboration of the students majoring in Architecture at the University of Pelita Harapan and Aboday, which was held annually. [...]

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Series events of Industrial League in 2015 finally closed rousing with the stage performance by the students of  industrial engineering department FT-UB, which was held at the Front Area of Industrial Engineering Building, Sunday (6/6). With the theme “Unity in Diversity, Spirit With Sportivity, Industrial League event begins with the opening of several sports tournaments in various places start from indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, which was attended by all students of Department of Industrial Engineering class of [...]

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Student Creativity Program Team in the field of Cipta Karsa of UB, consisting of Itsna Az Zahra (Electrical Engineering/2013), Nawfal Awanda P (Electrical Engineering/2011), Sirojul Hadi (Electrical Engineering/2012), and Ayu Saputri (Civil Engineering/2013 ), the system utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to cope with uncertainty on public transport schedule in Malang to create a tool called B-SCHEMO (Bus Schedule Monitoring).
The team, led by Ir. Nurussa’adah, MT., is using GPS to monitor the location and time of public transport every [...]

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