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nur rachmanCan anyone guess that rockets used in the military can be reinforced using coconut shell material? If it were not for Nur Rachman Supadmana Muda, a Doctoral Program student in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya, we would not know that coconut shells can increase the potential of rockets in terms of thrust stability and rocket specific impulses.
With his dissertation entitled Electron Spins Coupling of coconut shell activated nanocarbons in Solid Propellant on improving Thrust Stability and Specific Impulse, Nur [...]

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saripSuccessfully improving thermal performance at the tapering heat pipe, Sarip became the second doctorate of FT-UB Mechanical Engineering graduates at STTR Cepu.
It is no longer strange for academics or researchers about the term heat pipe in a heat transfer system. Heat pipe is a passive heat transfer device consisting of three parts, namely the evaporator, adiabatic and condenser. The heat pipe utilizes latent heat evaporation of the working fluid to convert the liquid phase into steam. It has been a challenge for researchers to [...]

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Using bamboo as a slip resistance between reinforcement with concrete, Muhtar successfully completed his studies at the Doctoral Program in Civil Engineering, Brawijaya’s University.
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It’s really familiar to us about the use of bamboo plants as well as for handicraft materials, cooking ingredients, and mixed materials for building or bridge construction. Bamboo can be used as concrete reinforcement, especially in simple construction, because it has relatively high tensile strength. In terms of economy, the price of bamboo is far [...]

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i wayan yasa 2Doctoral student in Brawijaya Civil Engineering Department, I Wayan Yasa with his dissertation hopes to anticipate drought earlier by modeling the hydrological drought index (IKH)
Drought events occur almost all over the world and have an impact on all sectors of life, namely agriculture, health, social, economic and industrial sectors. Drought is an event where there has been an extreme decrease in the quantity of water sources. The types of drought vary depending on the factors that influence the cycle of water [...]

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5Lightweight concrete research from pumice and scoria has not developed rapidly in Indonesia, whereas as a volcanic area the existence of both is very abundant. This lightweight concrete density reduction can reach (20-25%), thus reducing the building’s own weight, changing the final decay, lowering the density-strength ratio and the cost of construction. This own weight reduction is also advantageous for earthquake-prone areas due to reduced building mass, inertial force and the horizontal force due to the earthquake is reduced so that the risk due [...]

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Dr Hari2With Dissertation entitled “Pengaruh Impedansi Kumparan Stator terhadap Pengasutan Generator Induksi Satu Fasa Penguatan Sendiri Daya Rendah Putaran Rendah“, Hari Santoso underwent Dissertation Open Exam on Monday, 2 January 2018. Located in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Hari earned a Doctorate Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Energy Conversion with a very satisfying predicate.
Present to give support and speech, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT. Also present at the open exam was the Head of the Department of [...]

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mard1Development of science and technology make natural fiber that was not utilized before can be processed into engineering material. With its abundance, environmentally friendly, low production costs, and high elasticity, natural fiber became the main object of the researchers.
Ir Mardin MT, lecturer of Mechanical Engineering Department of Faculty of Engineering of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar, raised the title of Effect of Sea Water Immersion Treatment of Palm Fibers (Arenga pinnata) with Sago Starch as a graduation requirement from Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program [...]

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sanusiEnergy demand is increasing in line with economic and population growth. This fact indirectly also increases the level of pollution and global warming. Wind energy as one alternative source of energy that is environmentally friendly can be utilized with the use of wind turbines.
Ir Arifin Sanusi MT, Doctoral Program of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya, through his dissertation entitled Simulation and Experimental on the Performance of Wind Turbine Type Savonius with Combination of Conventional Blade and Ellipse. He took the Savonius [...]

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mujiAir Conditioning (AC) has become the main accessories on the vehicle to improve driving comfort. However, as long as the AC system works by a vapor compression system, it will take power from the engine to drive the compressor and increases fuel consumption by 21-53%. Meanwhile, the LPG-fueled vehicle provides potential direct refrigeration from LPG phase changes in the vaporizer devices. This potential has not been utilized and lost through engine coolant.
Muji Setiyo, Doctoral Program of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universitas [...]

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nasmiWith a dissertation entitled Porous Composite of Corn Husk Fiber as Sound Absorber Materials, Nasmi Herlina Sari successfully earned her Doctorate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Material Concentration. Located at the Meeting Room of Mechanical Engineering Department. Ir ING Wardhana M Eng PhD as the chairman of the session awarded Dr. Nasmi with Predicate Cum laude.
There is an increasing need for safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable materials for use in sound absorption applications. A readily available source of the material is the waste produced [...]

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