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page 1Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) released graduates period III, Academic Year of 2017/2018. The graduation procession of this graduation ceremony was held at the Auditorium of Prof. Ir Suryono, 2nd Floor of FT-UB Building on Friday, October 13, 2017.
In that night ceremony Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ir Surjono MTP reported, in this graduation, there are 122 graduates of the undergraduate program, 6 graduates from master’s program, and 1 from the doctoral program. Of the 129 number 35 graduated with cum [...]

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Juara 1 LKTI InstincStudents of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) again, re-incised achievement in the national arena. Muhammad Husni Mubarok (Mechanical Engineering 2015) together with his two colleagues from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Dewi Mulya Sari and Pranaya Arya to compete in Innovation Science & Technology National Competition-2 (INSTINCT-2) 2017 at University of Sumatera Utara.
The three of the successfully won the first prize by creating Biop-Mac (Biogas Purification Machine), prototype of biogas purification tool through the utilization of tile powder to produce [...]

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IMG_3975The Open House of Water Resources Engineering (WRE) Student Association 2017 takes place at the Auditorium of Prof. Ir. Suryono, Thursday (12/Oct/2017). This event invites all academicians of Department of Water Resources Engineering. In addition to the introduction of the functionaries of the student association and its programs, this annual event is also a place to strengthen communication between students and lecturers.
Leaders of the Department were present along with several Lecturers and Professors of WRE department, Prof.Dr.Ir. Suhardjono, MPd., Dipl.HE and Prof. Dr. Ir. [...]

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terryDharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) of Faculty of Engineering (FT) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) again gathered in a regular meeting in the 3rd floor Meeting Room of FT-UB building, Wednesday (11/Oct/2017). As expected by Ir. Dyah Ayu Kusumadewi MSP as the Chairman of DWP FT-UB that in every regular meeting held a useful activity, after previously invited to create brooches and decoupage, this time DMP members are invited to create artificial biosphere, terrarium.
“The enthusiasm of the members for this activity is very high, usually only about [...]

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ARTIKEL 54 copyThe official website of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB), teknik.ub.ac.id, is the cornerstone of information among the academic community of FT-UB. In other words, the website is a medium that has the potential as a means of sharing information, activities, ideas, thoughts, science, knowledge, and the latest news about FT-UB.
To improve the potential of teknik.ub.ac.id website Managers of Information Systems and Public Relation FT-UB in cooperation with the Committee of FT 54 Anniversary held Writing Competition Articles [...]

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naik 1Toward a qualified and reputable Universitas Brawijaya, at its 54th anniversary in 2017, Faculty of Engineering held a singing contest.  The Solo singing contest that is goin to be held for the second time held in FT is inviting all FT academic community to join. For this year’s category competition is divided into two, Pop Song Festival and Dangdut Campursari Festival.
Quoting the statement of FT Dean, Dr Ir Pitojo Tri Juwono MT, this activity is aimed to unify the [...]

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thisQuoting the statement from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Dr. Ir. Patdono Suwignjo, M.Eng.Sc., the main policy of Dikti is innovation improvement. Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) as a university institution under the Ministry of Research and Technology of DIKTI also support the policy.
On October 7-8, 2017 headed by Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Slamet Wahyudi ST MT, FT-UB held a Writing Workshop for PKM (Student Creativity Program) and PMW (Student Entrepreneurial Program) for Bidikmisi Scholarship Receiver towards Outstanding Faculty [...]

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ktua sekThe peak of the series of the 8th Congress of BKSTI-SNTI & SATELIT was held on Thursday night, October 5, 2017. This year’s VIII BKSTI Congress was held in conjunction with the National Seminar on Industrial Engineering (SNTI) and Seminar on Integrated Scientific Industrial Engineering (SATELIT) for 3 days, 4-6 October, 2017, and bring the theme of Industrial Engineering Participation in Industrial Collaboration to Facing Industry 4.0 Era.
Attended by representatives of higher education institutions of Industrial Engineering in Indonesia, this National Seminar was [...]

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sat10BKSTI (Cooperation Body of Organizers of Higher Education of Industrial Engineering) as a forum of cooperation among high-tech industry education organizers all over Indonesia, has regular agenda of regular meeting called Congress. BKSTI Congress is held every 3 years. This time it is hosted by the Department of Industrial Engineering (TI), Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB), East Java Regional Coordinator.
The Congress of BKSTI VIII will be held in conjunction with SATELIT (National Seminar on Integrated Scientific Industrial Engineering) which will be [...]

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bkti pii2The development of the world of engineering demands engineering graduates in Indonesia to become a strong resource of professionalism, that is able to face the challenges of the increasing development and improving the safety and welfare of the community. Therefore, in conjunction with the three-annual event, 8th Congress of BKSTI – SNTI & SATELIT, Department of Industrial Engineering facilitated engineering graduates in Indonesia to be able to follow the certification of Industrial Engineering Vocational Agency (BKTI) Association of Indonesian Engineer (PII), Wednesday [...]

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