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IMG_25932Lecture and Workshop was held by City Settlement Design Laboratory of Department of Architecture, Tuesday (14 / June / 2016). Under the theme of City Identity in City Design in the Global Era, Prof. Dr. Julaihi Wahid from UNIMAS (University Malaysia Sarawak) speak as the presenter. Prof Julaihi discuss the constituent elements of the city and how its correlation with the identity of the city.
Seminar and workshop itself are within series of Prof Julaihi’s agendas in Malang. Other activities include [...]

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visitingprofesor1Professor of Kyoto University, Japan re-visit Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK), Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) in an editorial of Visiting Professor. This time, present as a speaker is an expert in the field of Economic Infrastructure, Associate Professor (A/P) Kakuya Matsushima.
These lecturer of the Graduate School of Engineering stayed in Malang for 3 days, 4 to 6 December 2015. In a very short visit, he will give a guest lecture at the Transport Studio on the first day.
He gave [...]

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Prof. Taufik is a professor in the Electrical Engineering and Director of Electric Power Institute in Cal Poly State University, USA. By using the layoff fund-B2 Electrical Engineering Department of UB, he was invited to give an international journal writing workshop on 22 April 2015 in the Seminar Room, Department of Electrical Engineering FT-UB.
cal polii usa

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Professor Peter Newman BSc, Ph.D, Dip.ES&T, an expert in the field of sustainability of Curtin University, revealed that the population density plays an important role in sustainable development. Especially for cities with low population density in the world, where the city is dependent on the use of the car for the day-to-day activities which are very consumptive of natural resources.
“Fuel use decreases exponentially as density increases,“ said Peter while giving a lecture to students of the Department of Urban and Regional [...]

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Two lecturers of Urban&Regional Planning Department (Perencanaan Wilayah & Kota, PWK) Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB), Ir. Ismu Rini Dwi Ari, MT., Ph.D and Mustika Anggraeni, ST., MSi, being a speaker in international conferences in Thailand. Their researches are presented in two occasions at the same time, the  Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) workshop on February 9 to 10, and Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific 2015: The 1st Asia-Pacific Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation by International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives [...]

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Professor David Taniar from Monash University in Australia made a visit to the Department of Industrial Engineering FT-UB in the National Seminar on 16 January 2015 took place in the courtroom of industrial engineering department FT-UB. In the event, he gave some input on how to order our success in S3 education and obtain S3 scholarships. Early action is quite important is to find / determine the appropriate supervisor for us, can not be denied that know more about the [...]

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Sesuai dengan visi Fakultas Teknik (FT) tahun 2020 untuk menjadi institusi pendidikan tinggi di bidang keteknikan yang unggul di Asia, dan mampu berperan aktif dalam pengembangan bangsa melalui proses pendidikan, penelitian, dan pengabdian kepada masyarakat, serta seiring dengan visi Universitas Brawijaya untuk menjadi world class entrepreneurial university, maka FT dirasa perlu untuk meningkatkan networking, kerjasama yang menuntungkan, kokoh dan berkesinambungan dalam upaya peningkatan daya saing lulusan di tingkat internasional. Sejalan dengan harapan tersebut, maka FT akan mendatangkan 3 (tiga) orang ahli dari universitas-universitas Australia: Queensland University of [...]

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