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IMG_2428Raising the theme of ‘Rangkaian Bahasa Kita‘ and the title of ‘CERITA’, Temu Akrab Arsitektur (Architecture Gathering) involves all the big family of Architecture (KBMA) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB). Throughout the 17th – 24th of February, 2018 architecture students across period to the lecturers followed a series of events to strengthen the solidarity.

Lifting the title CERITA, the event lasts for about a week in three parts; Prologue, Dialogue, and Epilogue. The Prologue was held on February 17, 2018, as the opening ceremony of CERITA, where KBMA was invited to watch a video together and told each other about their respective experiences as part of KBMA. The event continued with Dialogue on 19-23 February 2018, where they held an exhibition of Architecture Student’s work at the lobby of Architecture building.

Epilogue became the highlight of this event, taking place on February 24, 7.30PM at the Chemical Engineering Building Parking area. Opening the event, Head of Architecture Department, Dr. Eng. Herry Santosa, ST., MT., congratulated the Chief Executor CERITA, Bramantya Dipowalyo, and Chairman of the Architecture Student Association Sugiharto Prayogo who has successfully coordinated the event that took place this week.

The event then continued with the performance of each of the active arts of Architecture Department, class of 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014. Also contributing to show off their works, the alumni, and Archiband. In this event, the entire KBMA can interact freely while enjoying the dishes served at the accompanying student appearances. Here students are free to consult with their lecturers for motivation in lectures and architectural professions.


Further to the Theme of the event, Bramantya as chairman of the management explained that “Language” can be interpreted as a way of interaction and expression.

“Cultural differences and generation gap sometimes become the boundaries for interacting between forces so it needs a bridge to connects us in communicating our language. This theme is chosen in accordance with the purpose this event, that is to express ourselves together in the form of friendship and tell each other stories as a big family of Architecture Students,” he said.

The Architecture Family Gathering itself is an annual event organized by the Department of Architecture through the Architecture Student Association. This event aims to connect the Big Family of Architecture Department; Students, Lecturers, and Academic Staffs.

On the other hand, this event has a goal to strengthen the relationship between Architecture Student forces of 2017 as the newest member of Architecture Student Family. In addition, this activity is also as a senior tribute moment of 2013 Students as the last active force.


The entire Epilogue event that night then closed with social experiment with all KBMA. Participants are asked to write their hopes on paper, personal expectations, and prospect about the progress of the student association and even the department. Participants then make large circles, each take turns reading their wishes loudly. Every expectation that is read, anyone who agrees with it and want to commit to it, they are welcome to enter the big circle.

This series completed with a closing statement about togetherness to achieve the ideals. The hope of this experiment creates a collective consciousness as an Architecture Student, that even the simplest desires or aspirations must be fought together, not individually. (Ajrina/SR/ems/mic)

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