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10Universitas Brawijaya becomes a superior world class university. The vision that is also carried out by the Urban & Regional Planning Department (PWK) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB). For this reason, PWK again held a visiting professor activity from Miyazaki University by Professor Keisuke Murakami on Monday, September 24, 2018 and attended by more than 150 participants in the Hall of Prof. Ir Suryono 2nd floor of Building Faculty of Engineering.

The main objective of Professor Keisuke Murakami to UB is to socialize the double degree program at Miyazaki University and initiate the continuation of a joint research between UB and Miyazaki University which has now begun with a joint research on disaster mitigation in Jember.

The results of research in Jember are now being finalized with out put in the form of research reports in the form of areas affected by the results of numerical simulations and Analysys GIS, the distribution of evacuation points, and the results of weighting of evacuation buildings. He scheduled 10 days in UB with the agenda of several guest lectures and research discussions.

9The PWK Department’s collaboration with Miyazaki University was realized in guest lecture activities and discussions about double degree cooperation. Guest lecture by Prof. Keisuke has the theme “Disaster Management in Japan” and Information about the Double Degree Program at the University of Miyazaki. The guest lecture moderated by Fadly Usman invited enthusiastic participants because it began with an offer of attractive programs by professors that engaged in coastal engineering.

The double degree information he delivered was addressed to S2 students with initial administrative requirements for transcripts and a toefl value of more than 550. After passing the administrative selection students will pass an interview test. “Students must also prepare a research proposal that can be completed within 2 years,” Professor Keisuke said giving tips.

4Professor Keisuke explained that in Japan there is a liquefaction that is the land “collapsed” due to the earthquake. Earthquakes cause groundwater to mix with the inner layer of the soil, and cause the soil to become liquid (sinks). Because the land collapsed, it was difficult to evacuate because the evacuation route was destroyed or not visible. So, several high-rise buildings provided community gathering points and a total evacuation time of 16 minutes after the earthquake.

1After the guest lecture after Professor Keisuke was welcomed by the staff and PWK lecturers in the 2nd Meeting Room of the PWK Department. From the results of the discussion promoted by Fadly Usman, the PWK Department had the opportunity to send 2-3 students out of a total of 10 UB students who could join the double degree program.

One other agreement was that PWK was given the opportunity to be invited to Miyazaki University with agenda: (1) preparing the research results to be submitted to the indexed Scopus journal and (2) delivering the double degree program of Miyazaki University students to study at the PWK Department for one year. PWK hopes that they can contribute actively in achieving the vision of Universitas Brawijaya towards World Class University. (AA/mic)

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