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Ars1Garda Adi Yasa, Ratna Arianda and M. Wildan Ilhami from Architecture Department Universitas Brawijaya presented the highest achievement in Parahyangan Design Competition (PARADESC) 2018. The classroom in UNPAR Architecture Department witnessed their struggle to present their work compete with dozens of participants from all over Indonesia, (01/Mar/2018). On the Awarding Night, they managed to bring home the grand prize.

PARADESC (parahyangan Design Competition) is an architectural competition held annually. This year, PARADESC 2018 entitled “Beyond Urban Motion”, which invites students to explore the potential arsitetur potential and problems arising from development in a large city rapidly. Students are required to provide solutions and ideas according to a local place, time, and cultural contests and functions.

The main issue raised in the construction of LRT as an infrastructure initiated by the government to overcome congestion in big cities. This rail-based transportation is turned into a catalyst for the development of an urban area that directly forms the face of an area. Students are welcome to provide vision and create the best design in the formation of LRT infrastructure.

The work of UB team is entitled Stasiun Merdeka “Living Network”. Lifting the phenomenon in Indonesia is promoting the TOD (Transit Oriented Development) system to facilitate the mobilization of the community. However, the development of TOD in Indonesia mostly uses single mass and does not respond to the surrounding environment context so that users do not feel the experience of space.

Jalan Merdeka Bandung is one of the points that will be equipped with LRT System. Jalan Merdeka is the center of Bandung City which is located in the education area, government office, and public park with access from anywhere. Location of the tread itself is between Bandung City Hall and SD Banjarsari and connected by a pedestrian bridge. The design is expected to give the impression of space that blends with the surrounding.

In the UB team design, in the garden area, there are two banyan trees that have been rooted in the park, but this is not an obstruction in the planning of LRT Station. The tree will be a marker and Landmark of LRT Station and Town Hall Park. Likewise, with the concept of Open Space, there is no veil that obstructs the view between the City Hall Park with LRT station area. This makes the LRT Station into a place that can be said as Station that feels like a Garden.

With the concept and design presented, UB team won the heart of the jury consisting of; Ir. Achmad D. Tandiana, MUD (Urbane Bandung), Dr.Ing. Ir. Heru Wibowo Poerbo, MURP (PSUD Bandung), Ir. H. Achmad Noerzaman, MM, IAI, and Anindhita N. Sunartio, ST., MT., IAI. (Wasiska Iyati, ST., MT/emis/mic)

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