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terryDharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) of Faculty of Engineering (FT) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) again gathered in a regular meeting in the 3rd floor Meeting Room of FT-UB building, Wednesday (11/Oct/2017). As expected by Ir. Dyah Ayu Kusumadewi MSP as the Chairman of DWP FT-UB that in every regular meeting held a useful activity, after previously invited to create brooches and decoupage, this time DMP members are invited to create artificial biosphere, terrarium.

“The enthusiasm of the members for this activity is very high, usually only about 40 present for regular meeting, this time many people are interested in making this terrarium,” said Mrs. Surjono when opening the event.

The morning activity invited local terrarium expert, Dwi Lily Indayani MSc. Before the event begin, about 50 participants were equipped with toolkits and insight about terrarium. Young mothers wanna be who graduated from Italy who is familiarly called Lily informed that participants were freed to be creative from the plants that have been provided.

“The plant we have selected for open terrarium is succulent, so it will be easily treated, we will also give tips and trick how to take care of it, so please be creative as creative as possible,” said Lily straightforward.

At the end of the event Lily selected five people with the best terrarium in terms of composition and appearance. Each winner gets a prize in the form of Lily’s kokedama. For those who are curious to see the work of Lily on her terrarium and kokedama, can visit her instagram account at @creative_terrarium and @creative.kokedama.. (mic)

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