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pisambut1One day after introducing the selected Vice Dean period of 2017-2021 to all administrative staff, the Dean of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono MT held a farewell and welcoming ceremony to all Vice Dean, Head of Department, and Secretary of the Department, Wednesday (3/Jan/2018).

Located in the 3rd-floor meeting room of FT-UB Building, in his speech the Dean gave his appreciation to the officials whose term expires this period and expects good cooperation for the new officials. The work ethic, responsibilities, and series of achievement have been shown by the past officials, and it is a good provision to continue the work program.

“Thank you for this four years of service, striving and working together to achieve all the achievements, with this event hopefully it can give more meaning and end the term in good condition. For my newly inaugurated colleagues, I would like to say congratulations, let’s provide the best service for the big family of FT,” said the newly re-appointed Dean.

pisambut2Dr. Pitojo also invites all elected officials to complete the programs that have not been completed yet, either from the Academic to Human Resources. With the legalization of the new officials, it is hoped that good cooperation, the information chain and coordination from the past officials will stay intack.

“I am sure our task ahead will be greater, but with togetherness, I hope our task in completing the new program and the last period program can be lighter,” he concluded.

pisambut3There are 6 majors that change the Head of Department. Only Urban and Regional Planning and Chemical Engineering that do not change their Head of Department. Prior to the signing of the official handover, the event continued with a speech from the representative of the vice dean by Dr. Ir Surjono MTP and representative of the Head of the Department by Ir Sugeng P Budio MS. At the same occasion, the Dean also gives a memento for FT-UB officials period of 2013-2017. (mic)

Signing and Handover of Position from period 2013/2017 (right) to 2017/2021 (left):







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