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bpj poto barengJournal Publishing Agency (BPJ) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) is the unit responsible for the management and improvement of research and community service conducted by the FTUB academic community. One of the supporting indicators of research performance that is continually improved by the FTUB BPJ is the scientific journal. The Journal Publishing Agency continues its efforts to ensure that all journals in FTUB are able to achieve National accreditation and are indexed in major international databases such as SCOPUS and Thomson Reuters.

The Open Journal System (OJS) is a system for setting up and publishing journals and websites. OJS covers all aspects of online journal publishing, from journal website creation to operational tasks such as author submission process, peer review, editing, publication, archives, and journal index. As an effort to improve the quality of journal management in UB, especially FTUB, BPJ held Upgrading Journal Training of OJS on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

The training was opened directly by the Dean of FTUB, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT in the 3rd floor Meeting Room of FTUB Building. BPJ is the backbone of FTUB as an educational institution, so the Dean greatly appreciates this activity as the first institution to implement its work program.

“Nomater how much research or activity we’ve done, without documentation it will have no effect. Journal is one documentation of our activity, therefore I hope BPJ to have a blueprint of the present condition and has a clear goal for the next 5-10 years so whoever is in here, BPJ will be able to continue the program that has been prepared,” said Dean.

Chief Executive and Chairman of BPJ FTUB, Dr. Eng. Riyanto Haribowo, ST., MT., Also revealed that to publish the documentation of the High Education Tri Dharma activities is through journals uploaded in the official journal website pages.

“In addition to the publication, this training also aims to prepare the FTUB publication journals in the face of national accreditation and subsequently indexed in the international database,” said Dr.Eng Riyanto.

Invited to give material at this afternoon’s event is Rizki Trisnadi, ST., Coordinator of Communication Unit of Information and Communication Technology Unit (UPT TIK). He focuses the material on the basic techniques of managing OJS journals. Participants consisting of Lecturers and staff responsible for the management of OJS in FTUB environment are also invited to practice directly to implement the Fully Open Journal System which later on at the end of activity will be evaluated.

“With this training, it is hoped that the publication and training about the importance of publication and training on open journal system to the academic community can be achieved which has an impact on increasing the quantity and quality of FTUB journal publications,” ¬†Dr.Eng Riyanto hoped. (mic)

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