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hamago (2)On March 15-18 2019, the Industrial Engineering Department of Brawijaya University sent representatives of the HAMAGO team to attend the 2019 Udayana Young Entrepreneur Festival held by the Entrepreneurship Student Activity Unit, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia.

The HAMAGO team consisting of Qurrota A’yunin, Rheza Adnandy, Widya Rahayu Utami, and Mahendra Habriantamayang are also an assistant at the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory. The series of events were held for three days, starting from technical meetings, presentations, and field trips, to national seminars and announcement of champions.

Accompanied by Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., M. Eng., lecturer in the Department of Industrial Engineering, in this competition the HAMAGO Team won the second place with a slight difference in value with the first winner.

The Udayana Youth Entrepreneur National Festival 2019 National Competition carries the theme “Creative Idea for Indonesia Golden Era 2045″ with sub-themes of technology, industrial food, cultivation, services, and creative industries. For the overall selection stage, there are three main stages, namely the preliminary round, semifinal, and final round.

The final stage, work presentation, at Udayana University was attended by 5 teams who had set aside a total of 379 teams. The presentation stage was held in a closed manner where only the judges and committee were involved during the presentation of each team. The three judges presented were from representatives of technology institutions, government entrepreneurship, and lecturers.

In this competition, the HAMAGO Team presented its business efforts in the form of pest exterminators that were carried out automatically by applying sound waves to eradicate planthopper, rat, bird, etc. Not only innovation in the use of sound waves, but this tool is also equipped with applications which enable the device to run remotely.

hamago (1)“The Udayana Young Entrepreneur National Festival is an interesting competition where students are faced with a view in the era of 2045. This spurred participants to continue thinking creatively by developing what is in the environment. We hope that this competition can go on so that it becomes one of the places for students to channel innovation and entrepreneurial spirit,” said Widya as one part of the HAMAGO Team.

On this occasion, the HAMAGO Team expressed their gratitude to the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Department of Industrial Engineering, and the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya, for providing support for this competition. (QA/AZ/mic)

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