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IMG_4143(1)The Head of the Industrial Engineering Student Association (Kahim HMTI) Universitas Brawijaya Period 2018-2019, Pangky Felix Valentino, moved to optimize the functional of every division in HMTI with the aim of optimizing the contribution that will be given by all staff for HMTI progress.

“I decided to become one of the candidates of this year’s HMTI head because from the beginning I entered the TI-UB until before election, I see and analyze the need for improvement on the HMTI system,” explained the student of class 2015.

As a strategy to win the election yesterday, Pangky set up a system that corresponds to HMTI’s future progress and communicates it to friends of one generation as well as the seniors.

“If there is criticism and suggestions for me, I always accept it from senior and friends so they can trust me,” said Kahim who is also Simulation laboratory assistant.

After the election, Pangky will review the system that will be applied in the future HMTI. Then, the students from Jakarta said, he will arrange stewardship ranging from secretary, treasurer, until the head of the division to run a plan that has been made in the beginning.

“Furthermore, I would like to appreciate the performance of HMTI staff so they can be motivated and keep the spirit of being part of the daily management board of KBMTI,” he explained.

Some of the missions that Felix carried in his stewardship include:

  1. Build an attractive, open, and professional internal organization by fostering family values
  2. Creating a harmonious relationship between TI-UB students ] with various elements in the IT environment FT-UB
  3. Achieve the aspirations of TI-UB students who can assist in achieving the target of the TI-UB department and progress HMTI UB
  4. Facilitating students in improving the achievement of TI-UB students in academic and non academic field
  5. Utilizing and developing the potential within the students to improve the integrity of TI-UB students.

Pangky hopes that the management of HMTI period 2018/2019, HMTI can reach the target of the TI-UB department and can continue the further step to achieve the vision of the TI-UB department.

“And then to more receive the aspirations of TI-UB students, and improve the integrity of TI-UB students in order to attract the attention of Indonesia,” he hoped.

Pangky was chosen as Head of HMTI after getting 140 votes out of a total of 293 votes. Candidate No.2 Dicky Anugrah and No. 3 Hafidz Satyo Utomo received 80 votes and 65 votes respectively. There were 8 unauthorized votes in the election of Student Representatives (Pemilwa) held May 2. (and)

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