Since the 20th century, technological developments have occurred at a very rapid rate. The 20th century is the initial gateway to more massive technological developments in the 21st century.

This development was marked by massive development and accompanied by an increase in the human population at an alarming rate. However, the developments that occur in developing countries are classified as very slow, especially in the case of the industrial revolution

The rapid development of the world, both in terms of technology and population, has both good and bad effects on environmental conditions. This development has led to an increase in the need for human living facilities. However, the carrying capacity of the environment possessed by nature is very limited. So that the impact of this development burdens the earth as our place of residence.

This encourages world organizations, namely the United Nations (UN) in overcoming existing problems through the Sustainable Development Goals, commonly referred to as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a reference for development in the 21st century.

There are as many as 17 global goals as a world development agenda to achieve the benefit of living beings and planet earth.

Indonesia as a member of the United Nations must certainly play a role in realizing the global goals given by the United Nations. One of the efforts that Indonesia has made in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals is to prepare several strategies in entering the fourth industrial revolution.

Starting from the problems described above, the Chemical Engineering Student Association (HMTK) of the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya aims to hold the Indonesia Chemical Engineering Event (I-Challenge).

This activity will consist of a series of events that can be a solution to world problems and to realize the goals of the United Nations.

There are 2 main events of I-Challenge 2019, namely Product Design Competition and National Conference. The chosen theme for this year is “Appropriate Innovation to Optimize the Potential of Natural Resources with Environmental Concepts to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)”.

On this competition, Appropriate Innovation to Optimize the Potential of Natural Resources with Environmental Concepts to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is expected to collect innovative and creative young’s ideas in ASEAN region that hopefully can be applied to solve the problem in society.

ASEAN’s students, especially Chemical Engineering students are expected to express to United Nation’s vision by developing a cutting-edge product that is easy to be implemented with a minimum level of risk for the environment and sustainable.

Join us! Win It! Make a better future with us!

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