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IMG_1062Offering a novelty through dissertation entitled “Nitride Thin Layer Diffusion Mechanism In Steel”, I Komang Astana Widi obtain his doctorate. Thursday (29 / Dec / 2016) in the Meeting Room of Mechanical Engineering Building, Dr. Komang successfully defended his dissertation and received His title with honors.

At this open Examination, Dr. Ir. Kustamar MT, Vice Rector of the National Technology Institute of Malang presents to give speech. In his speech Dr. Kustamar congratulated on the achievements of Dr. Komang.

Dissertation Dr. Komang itself aims to determine the best mechanism in the diffusion of nitride layer on steel using chrome elements. In general mechanism, the excessive use of nitrogen gas take part in environmental issues, namely air pollution leads on global warming.

By researching how to make a thin nitride diffusion layer on the steel, is expected in the future this mechanism can use less gas nitrogen (eco-diffuse) with equally strong results.

3 point expressed as conclusions: first, that the element chromium play a significant role in the diffusivity process of nitrogen atom (N) to the steel. Second, the diffusion atmosphere without nitrogen gas media in the diffusion process indicate an increase in the concentration of N both at the surface and a depth of diffusion. Lastly, the mechanisms that occur during the nitriding process shows a large role on the formation of the passive layer (Cr2O3 and Fe2O3).

In the supervisor Commissions are Prof. Dr. Ing Ward, M. Eng., Ph.D, Dr. Ir. Wahyono Suprapto, MT, and Dr. Judy Eng Surya Irawan, ST.

Acting as examiners are Prof. Dr. Ir. Pratikto, MMT, Dr. Eng. Moh. Agus Choiron, ST and Guest Examiner Prof. Ir. Anne Zulfia, MSc., Ph.D (emis)

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