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2(1)Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory (SRK), Department of Industrial Engineering (TI), Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) has a field study to Bandung. The visit was made to the Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) Industrial Statistics Laboratory  and PT. Dirgantara Indonesia on 24-25 July 2018.

The first visit was at the Industrial Statistics Laboratory which is one of the laboratories under the auspices of the TI Study Program, Faculty of Industrial Technology Unpar, Bandung. The delegation from the SRK Laboratory was welcomed by the Head of Industrial Engineering Study Program Romy Loice ST MT, Head of Industrial Statistics Laboratory Ignatius A. Sandy, S.Si., MT, representative of Parahyangan Catholic University Statistics Lecturer Ir Cynthia Prithadevi Juwono MS, and Hanky Fransiscus ST MT as Coordinator of Statistics Practicum, as well as assistants of the Industrial Statistics Laboratory.

IMG_1360(1)The event continued with a presentation by Hanky Fransiscus about the profile of the Industrial Engineering Study Program of Parahyangan University to the practicum that was administered by the Industrial Statistics Laboratory itself. Activities in Unpar ended with the handover of placards from each party.

“We are very grateful for this visit because we feel appreciated even though we come from private universities. This visit is also important for us as a preparation for future accreditation. With this visitation, it is expected to build a cooperative relationship between TI-UB and IT Unpar, “said Romy Loice.

1(1)The next day the group visited PT. Dirgantara Indonesia (DI, Indonesian Aerospace) which is the only aircraft industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. PT Dirgantara Indonesia not only produces various aircraft, but also helicopters, weapons, and provides training and maintenance services for aircraft engines.

This visit was welcomed by one of the TI-UB alumni who currently serves as Human Resources Business Staff Partner of Prayogo Kesuma Ramadhan and Risya Ajeng Qoriana Quality Product Engineering Staff, UB Mechanical Engineering alumni who also work there.

The event begins with an explanation of Total Quality Management that has been applied throughout the production process at PT. DI by Mochammad Rheza Mardiansyah (Quality Manufacturing Engineering Staff) and Ajie Teguh Rachmanto (Quality Product Engineering Staff). The event then continued with discussion sessions on quality management, research opportunities, and career vacancies.

4(1)Not only that, the SRK UB Lab group also had the opportunity to have plant tour. Starting from the location of receiving raw materials to the location of the aircraft assembly. At the end of the visit there was a souvenir handover to PT. Dirgantara Indonesia represented by Muhammad Lukman as Vice President of Quality Assurance PT. Indonesian Aerospace. (FPP/ASA/mic).

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