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11821834_1075281892497165_1879073737_nThanks to the Counseling Guidance (BK) teacher in his school, Sofian Yusuf was introduced to Bidik Misi scholarship and brought him to be a student of Mechanical Engineering Department of 2013. Sofian still remember when the school held a data collection for students who want to continue study but are constrained by the financial. In 2017, Sofian who is active in social activities at Hamdah Artwork Peduli Orphan (HAPYP) is graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree with a GPA of 3.28.

“I feel a proactive and informative school on which the Scholarships can be achieved by his students play an important role. Especially since Bidik Misi is offered since we are high school, I am very grateful! “Said Sofian, expecting more and more schools provide early information on Bidik Misi, and motivate high school students to proactively seek information.

During study Sofian classified as active student in academic and non academic activities. In the Student Press Institution SOLID FT UB, he even becomes the Deputy General Leader Period 2016-2017. While in UB Faculty of Engineering Students Association he served as Staff of External Department and Staff of Entrepreneurship. He is also one of the students who get funding for Student Entrepreneurial Program (PMW) UB in 2017.Although active in the Organizations activities Sofian can still graduate on time with the title of thesis “Planning Process Machining Bracket of Sealed Shaft Unit Aluminum 6061″.

“Bidik Misi indirectly becomes the minimum or maximum target that must be achieved, because in the agreement there are some points that become a whip of spirit, for example the minimum GPA and length of study time.” He Said.

Sofian stated that his parents are farm workers with an uncertain income; on the other hand he intends to continue his study to college. In order for the parents not to bother to finance the college, Sofian explained to them that there is fund from the government for students who are classified as less capable. Both parents feel helpful and feel relieved because it lifts their burden to gather the cost of tuition which amount is not small.

“Therefore for the high school students continue your studies to the highest level, do not stop just for economic reasons. The higher your knowledge, if you use the knowledge correctly, then your status will be lifted in multiple aspects from economic to social; from fellow human beings to God “he said motivating the high school students.

There is one remark of Success Sofian always holds “Keep asking, questioning, and reading, Because success is always related to the action.” (emis)

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