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FB_IMG_1533700966879(1)The excitement of the annual program of Urban & Regional Planning (PWK) in collaboration with Kyoto University is still continued. August 2-13, 2018 three graduate students felt summer in Sakura Country. Not only feel the warm Japanese sun, but also warm welcome and hospitality from the host. Aura of familiarity also radiates from 46 participants from various countries such as Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Taiwan who are members of the Resilient Society Development Under Changing Climate (RSDC) 2018.

Welcome party at Kyoto University (Kyodai) is the beginning of Ayunda Gading Mahayu (Yuke), Petronella (Nella), and Rizky Latief (Rizky) trips. “We can immediately be familiar with other participants in the welcome party,” explained Nella with tears in her eyes because she admitted that she still missed the summer course program.

FB_IMG_1535129982496(1)This activity was directly guided by Prof. Hiroyasu Ohtsu as the project leader of Kyoto University’s re-inventing Japan International Project on the RSDC Program at the Department of Urban Management. The warm course held for six days with the regular class, discussion, and presentation about the disaster and help risk management for liveable cities. The program, which is partially funded by Jaso scholarships, is very useful for Rizky.

“The thing that impressed me the most was their hospitality (Japanese students, red) in welcoming us, tolerance was highly demonstrated even though we were a minority (Muslim, red). The lecturers and friends are fun and very friendly, we are always accompanied by the host (Japanese students) until entering the hotel. In addition, we are also introduced to Kyoto as a heritage area in Japan, just like Yogyakarta in Indonesia,” Yuke added, reminiscing her experiences there with great enthusiasm.

FB_IMG_1533632816685(1)Not only on campus, RSDC participants were also invited to several locations such as Newjec Inc. in one-day internship activities. Participants’ interest increased when they learned that Newjec Inc. is one of the largest companies in Japan engaged in integrated engineering consultancy to provide survey engineering services, construction planning, design, and management for the construction of social infrastructure, one of which is in flood management.

Not stopped there, participants who were divided into 7 discussion groups were invited to look directly at Amagase Dam and Lake Biwa Museum on a filed trip program where the dam not only served as a flood control dam but also supported hydroelectric power plants and created a lower reservoir. The Lake Biwa Museum is a museum where the flora and fauna are preserved since the construction of Amagase Dam. The fortune of the PWK S2 team is increased with the experience of seeing the Hanabi Festival, the largest annual fireworks festival in Japan on August 7, 2018.

1535867758289(1)“It’s not enough for us to be there for two weeks, if God allows, we will go back there, our friends there also plan to go to Indonesia,” Rizky continued. The warmer atmosphere accompanies this 2018 summer course farewell party. One thing that is felt by PWK UB’s S2 participants is that whenever the FT-UB family visit, they will be received with open arms at Kyoto University. (AA/mic)

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