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angkutThe Apatte Team 62 Brawijaya officially launched Marsela 3 Evo 1 car, on Monday, February 12, 2018, at Main Hall of Museum Angkut Batu City. Marsela 3 Evo I works with the team from Faculty of Engineering UB will compete in Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2018 at Changi Exhibition Center Singapore, 7-11 March 2018.

Marsela 3 EVO 1 has aerodynamic, lightweight, and zero emission advantages (environmentally friendly). This white car managed to snatch the 3rd place in the 2017 National Energy Efficient Car Competition last November.

“We made this car for about 9 months in 2017. This third generation car has a lighter weight than the previous version, more aerodynamic.With the 26 other team members we have prepared 4 cars, in two categories; electrical and internal categories combustion engine,” said Apatte 62 Brawijaya, Dana Damara. addition to introducing Marsela 3 EVO 1, on this occasion Apatte Team 62 also grant Aristo EVO 1 to Museum Angkut. Aristo EVO 1 is already competing in several national and international championships.

“We are very grateful to the Faculty of Engineering, especially Team Apatte 62. Because the contribution of these students has created something inspirational, as well as to inform that we have not only cars in ancient times but also the latest transportation technology,” said Operational Manager of Museum Angkut, Endang A. Shobirin said when received the electric car grant that afternoon.

angkut2Present to witness the handover of Aristo Evo I at the same time launching Marsela 3 Evo 1, Dean of FTUB Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono MT., Teguh Dwi Widodo, ST., M.Eng, Ph.D. as Secretary of UB Mechanical Engineering Department, all supervisor lecturers, UB Mechanical Engineering Student Association, and all members of Apatte 62 team. Pitojo expressed his pride to the Apatte 62 team for not only achieving in the academic field but also social-spirited.

“With this grant, the Team has fully applied the High Education Tri Dharma. Dozens of championships have been won by this team every year, they also want to donate the results of their research so it will be useful in the community through Museum Angkut. Hopefully, this futuristic electric car can educate the tourists as well as a place to learn, especially the students and everyone who visit Museum Angkut,” said the Dean when signing the handover of Aristo EVO 1.

Meanwhile, Museum Angkut is one of the tourist destinations that are sensitive to the development of the world of technology, education, and innovation. In its fourth year, in accordance with the vision and mission to promote education and technology-friendly products Museum Angkut supports energy-saving movement products that are carried by the Department of Mechanical Engineering FTUB.

angkut7Asked why choose to grant the car to Museum Angkut, Apatte Team Manager, Tiara Shinta Raharkandi explained that here are many benefits that can be achieved. “If we put it here many aspects can be learned. At once, everyone who visits will know that Indonesia, especially in Malang have an electric car and we made it ourselves,” said this eighth-semester student.

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