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DSC_0054Administration of Information System and Public Relation (PSIK) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) again, held Media Gathering by inviting dozens of journalists in Malang Raya on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 in the 3rd floor Meeting Room of FTUB Building.

Media Gathering is a routine activity of PSIK FT-UB. Dozens of reporters in Malang Raya was greeted directly by the Vice Dean of General Administration and Finance FTUB, Dr. Ir. M. Ruslin Anwar, MSi. and met directly with the Head of the Research and Community Service Body (BPPM) FTUB, Runi Asmaranto, ST., MT. and representatives of Business and Cooperation Unit (UUK), Luqman Maajid, ST.

Also attending the event that afternoon, Head of PSIK FT-UB Ir. Unggul Wibawa, M.Sc, Head of UB Public Relations Kotok Guritno SE, and Head of Public Relations FTUB Rudy Yuwono, ST., M.Sc, and PSIK staff.

In his speech, Unggul revealed that this program is a form of appreciation to journalists who have been actively preaching activities in FT-UB. “We are very grateful for the cooperation that has been established so far, while still in the month of Shawwal, we represent FTUB wish you a happy Eid Al-Fitr 1439 H, may Allah accept your and our right doings, Eid Mubarak!” said Ir. Unggul.

Dr. Ruslin representing the Dean appreciates and stands ready to support the full cooperation that has been developed. According to him, without the role of mass media, achievements and implementation of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi activities will be less delivered to the public, especially stakeholders.

“Thank you for publicizing the positive image of FTUB to the public all this time. Here there is Mr. Runi, he is the one who handle the research and the social devotion in FTUB. We open the widest opportunity for cooperation with fellow journalists in the future,” he said.

DSC_0056In addition to istihlal and silaturahim, this moment is also used to socialize FT-UB 2018 Most Active Journalist Awards Program. According to the Head of Public Relations FTUB Rudy Yuwono, his staff has also made the assessment criteria with points accumulation system to determine the journalists who are eligible to receive the award.

“This Award Program is our annual program. Later we will select 3 most active journalists who actively publish FTUB Tri Dharma activities,” said Rudy.

The award will be given right at the 55th anniversary of FT-UB which will be held in October later.

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