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headMinister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Sudirman Said bestowed Energy Award 2015 on Thursday night, October 22, 2015. Located in Auditorium of Binakarna, Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Representative of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) attended to receive the award. Dr. Ir. Ruslin M. Anwar MSi of the Department of Civil Engineering FT-UB present representing the Dean.

Energy Award 2015 night was in coincided with World Energy Day. Representative of FT-UB attended with the other 300 official invited by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, other Ministry/agencies, state enterprises, Head of Regional Government, Head of Department of Energy, universities, professional organizations, and ESDM stakeholders sector in Indonesia.

Taking the theme of “Local Wisdom Toward Energy Independence”, this award was given as an appreciation of government to stakeholders who want to innovate and develop ESDM technology sustainably, to inspire people to use renewable energy and to realize energy-saving culture, and to encourage stakeholders in the development and utilization of energy

There are three categories, Energy Award, Energy Initiative Award for the Individual and Society; Primary Energy Award for Company of the National/Regional or International; Prabawa Energy Award for Government Agencies and Local Government.

The selection process began in May 2015, includes the socialization, nomination, evaluation, selection, judging, verification, determination, announcement, and bestowal of Energy Award. Assessment carried out independently by the Jury consisting of 9 (nine) people of ESDM sector associations, universities, practitioners, and community leaders. The Jury plenary session set FT-UB as the only Higher Education institutions from 13 (thirteen) Energy Award recipients.

FT-UB rewarded as a pioneer in the technological development of ESDM sector on an ongoing basis with community services such as MHP (Micro Hydro Power Plant power) in 19 point in East Java. Moreover it inspire people to use renewable energy by developing biogas in 42 points in East Java. “This award should increase our motivation to become a pioneer and technology innovator that carries Sustainable Energy both in research and community.” he concluded.

Previously the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has facilitated the 24 nominees for the Energy Award 2015 recipients to follow the commemoration of Indonesia’s proclamation of independence on August 17, 2015 at the Merdeka Palace and the Gathering of the President with the National Exemplar in Istana Bogor on the last August 18, 2015. (emis/mic)

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