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pupr3The Government of Indonesia is currently intensively building infrastructure throughout Indonesia. The need for experts requires universities, especially those in the field of engineering to deliver competent engineers in their fields. Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) as one of the sources of engineers notice how important to build candidates for expert for National development. Therefore today, Monday, February 19, 2018 FTUB signed the MoU with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR).

PUPR since 1979 until now has conducted training in the field of construction services for the wider community. Although there have been several reorganizations but the Government has always strive to increase the competence of construction services.

Given the rapid development of information technology, then from 2013 until now, Head of Competence Development and Training Center Construction initiate the concept of e-learning in the field of construction services. The main purpose of making this system is as a provider of access as much as possible for the community in all corners of the archipelago in terms of learning in the field of construction services.

pupr1“Distance training or distance learning is a training program that can be learned by learners wherever and whenever through the internet network. This allows students to get certification training as knowledge before entering the real world of work,” said Cakra Nagara, ST, MT, ME ., Head of Center for Implementation of Construction Technology Ministry of PUPR.

Cakra also explained about the distance training program through the Independent Intensive Learning Information System of Construction (SIBIMA Konstruksi). This program is include remote training, provision of technical specifications and regulations of other PUPR fields, as well as knowledge management services of construction technology applications. It is expected that this program can provide knowledge to the people of Indonesia openly and for free.

pupr2The program offered in this cooperation was welcomed by the Dean of FTUB, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT. “We really appreciate this cooperation, I have seen the training menu offered by SIBIMA Konstruksi, hopefully with the signing of this MoU we will open a wider opportunity for students to further strengthen their competence in the field of construction especially practical science as a knowledge to face the world,” said Dean.

In the morning-to-afternoon meeting it is explained that by participating in this distance training program participants can take the test to get a training certificate, and will included in the Surat Pendamping Ijazah. After the signing of the MoU, moderated by Vice Dean for General Administration and Financial Affairs Dr. Ir. Muhammad Ruslin Anwar, M.Si., the event continued with a further question and answer session about the program. Head of Department in FTUB environment who also attended with all the Vice Dean actively asked some technical questions considering the high interest of students to this program.

puprCakra with his colleague, Rezza Munawir, S.T., M.T, MMG, Section Head of Planning Cooperation Center of Construction Technology Application Directorate General of Construction Development PUPR explain in detail about the technical and the benefits gained from this program. (mic)

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