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WhatsApp Image 2016-11-24 at 4.14.55 PMThe spirit of PEMIRA (Student Election) resonated in the Faculty of Engineering (23/Nov/2016). From 08.00 am until 16.00 pm two polling stations (TPS) was opened in the FT. Until the time the polls closed, 967 incoming students give their votes online.

Acting as coordinator of PEMIRA in FT is Dr. Slamet Wahyudi, ST., MT as the Vice Dean for Student Affairs. At two polling stations which are provided in the FT, each room is provided 3 chambers of votes. Students only need to register their Student Number (NIP) and Password to vote.

“The campus is not only a place to gain knowledge and build the character of the younger generation. The campus is also where students get to know and learn about democracy. “Said Dr. Slamet. According to him, a campus is an arena to cultivate a spirit of leadership, the campus is the place to sow the prospective new leaders of the future.

Pemira is not only the election of  Student Body (BEM) President in Universitas Brawijaya, but also elect the House of Representatives (DPM) of each faculty. Faculty of Engineering  sends one representative to the presidential candidate. For DPM FT sends more than three representatives.

The PEMIRA process was opened with  The candidate’s socialization of their program and giving their presidential speeches began in early November. The programs offered by the candidates this year refers to the call of Rector to realize Quality and reputable UB. Viva Brawijaya! (emis)

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