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wardana1Energy is one of the essential things to human survival in addition to water, food, environment, and health. The existence of oil fuel (Bahan Bakar Minyak, BBM) as a source of energy has been greatly reduced, while the fuel gas (Bahan Bakar Gas, BBG) has not been widely used. BBG available in natural gas, propane and butane, biogas, and hydrogen.

Except hydrogen and biogas, BBG usually produced from fossil. Hydrogen can be derived from hydrocarbons, water, bio-ethanol, and lately from biomass and vegetable oils. While biogas derived from the fermentation of biomass and vegetable oils.

“We have a lot of energy sources that just need to be used. Even our own feces can be turn into biogas,” said Prof. Ir. ING Wardana M.Eng, Ph.D in front of the participants of the seminar “Gas Fuel as Substitute of Gasoline Fuel on Vehicle”, Tuesday (11/11), in the Hall of Prof. Ir Suryono, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya.

Then he explained the method of production of each type of BBG. According to him, the BBG is very easy to use, just a matter of motivation that makes us not want to use it. Moreover BBG is very powerful, because in addition to high energy content, BBG can be directly burned without phase change.

“The energy contained in the fuel is equal to the gravitational pull on the atom. The stronger its binding, the greater the energy,” he explained.

Wardana emphasize, if we understand how to manage energy in general and gas in particular, then we will become a developed nation. Based on history, the revolution in England occurred because of the increased use of coal. While the Chinese people is can not develop that well because their access to the coal in the mountain is very far and difficult.

“Access to energy and the ability to manage it is the key to supremacy of a nation,”  he concluded. (and/mic)

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