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wwcr1After graduating the first batch, the Engineer Professional Education Study Program (PS PPI), Faculty of Engineering UB (FT-UB) again opens new student registration for the Even Semester, Academic Year of 2018/2019. Different from the first generation that targets internally, more than 50% are external registrants.

Together with Ir. Sugeng P. Budio, MS (Civil Engineering) and Ir. Soeprapto, M.T (Electrical Engineering), Head of the PS PPI, Ir. Ludfi Djakfar, Ph.D. interviewed candidates for the new student of PS PPI Even Semester Academic Year 2018/2019 on Monday, January 7, 2019. In addition to Civil and Electrical Engineering Lecturers, interview participants were also from Perum Jasa Tirta, PT PP, Public Works Center, and private consulting institutions.

“The motivation of participants to take part in this class is varied, but clearly they want to develop the professionalism of their respective engineers,” said Secretary of PS PPI, Ir. Rinawati P. Handajani, MT.

She also explained, this interview process was also to assess whether or not this student is eligible to take part in the Past Learning Recognition Program (RPL) which is still in effect for a minimum of two batches of the first PS PPI.

“Learning from the first batch, in the interview process we introduce a little about FAIR. When we start the orientation period later, we will also hold socialization about FAIR to new students, so that they can be prepared carefully,” she added.

wwcr3The Professional Engineer Program itself is a higher education program after an undergraduate program to form Engineering competencies. This program is contained in one of the points in Law No. 11 of 2014 concerning Engineering Law Article 7 to 9 concerning Engineer Professional Education.

The PS PPI lecture system is divided into 2 programs, namely the Regular Education Program and the Past Learning Recognition Program (RPL).

The regular program is held for 2 semesters (1 year) with 30% face to face and 70% internships. After going through this process, participants must take the Engineer Competency Test held at the University of Indonesia starting in the Odd Semester 2018/2019.

wwcr 2While for the first two batches of PSPPI FT-UB, as well as being used as the standard of implementation in other universities, the RPL Program will be implemented. This program is implemented based on past track records.

New students will be asked to upload files containing completed education and professional experiences. The file will go through a FAIR assessment process that includes formal & non-formal education, work experience engineering practices, exposures, and engineering papers, and other supporting activities (as experts, organizational managers, recipients of services, etc.). At the end of the semester, students will undergo FAIR assessment to convert past learning achievements into numbers in accordance with the subjects that must be followed to get the GPA used to determine the graduation. (mic)

The results of the interview test can be seen here.

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