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IMG_0333State-owned railway manufacturing company, PT. INKA (Persero), invites domestic universities to participate in building an independent Indonesian railway industry and not rely on technology from abroad.

This was conveyed by the Director of Commercial and Technology PT. INKA, Ir. Agung Sedaju, MT when giving a guest lecture entitled “Development of Technology and Industry of Indonesian Railways” in the Department of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB), Friday, July 13, 2018.

“We need resources to build a railway industry in our own country. As said by Mr. Habibie, to master science and technology we must use philosophy begin from the end and ended in the beginning,” said Agung in front of 150 lecturers and students who fill the TI-UB Building 6th floor Auditorium.

IMG_0307To master or transfer a technology must be started by building the industry first. Then we should reinforced the industry by science and applied research that underlies the industry.

“Our hope after this guest lecture we can invite UB to join and work with us to build and reach the dreams of Indonesia, to build our own railway industry,” said the man who joined PT. INKA since 1996.

Agung also offers a 3-month internship for student work program (KKN) and can be supplemented by a 6-12 month internship for students. He hope, by staying and working longer, the student can focus on the research they’d done.

“Hopefully the rules in UB can be flexible. We will also provide monthly UMR equivalent allowance to the interns,” said this alumni of Bandung Institute of Technology.

IMG_0302According to Agung, this could also be a solution for fresh graduates who want to build career in PT. INKA but do not has any certification yet. Internship experience will be a consideration of PT. INKA in doing employee recruitment.

This Guest Lecture not only bring Ir. Agung Sedaju, MT as speaker. Senior Manager of Technology Division PT. INKA M. Evan Wiryawan, ST was also brought in to provide insight into the process of making the train.

“The description of railway production that I am describing is still very basic. Maybe if you are still curious, you can apply for internship at PT. INKA,” he said. (and/mic)

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