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pp1Dozens of Civil Engineering and Water Resources Engineering Departments students followed a  Presentation of Student Association Recruitment (RMID) from PT. PP Tbk. This time PT. PP gave the opportunity to students in the 7th semester to enroll in the On Job Training Program at this state-owned construction company. In this roadshow, UB is one of the 5 universities chosen to have this special recruitment program.

For Students who are interested in this program, online registration can be done online and to include still studying certificate from the Department. Initial requirement GPA is at least 3.20 out of a maximum of 4.00 and takes the test online. For students who pass the initial stage will follow Psychological Tests.

If the student is accepted, the student will receive the contract with PT PP. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to complete a maximum of one year study on campus. After completion of the study, students were recruited directly as PT PP Employees and eligible for a very promising career in PT PP.

Dr. Slamet Wahyudi, ST., MT as the Vice Dean for Student Affairs welcomed the representatives who are all from Human Resources Division of PT PP. ”The cooperation between PT PP and UB have been running harmoniously for the past two years. As an institution of higher education, we are ready to welcome the industry’s need to recruit a capable engineer from UB,”  Dr. Slamet said in his speech.

pp2In his presentation, the representative of PT PP introduced their company profile and its achievements in the world of construction businesses. Now, PT PP already transformed into one of the giant company of construction and property. This growth requires PT.PP to have the best Resources to be prepared as a future leader.

For more information about the PT PP Recruitment, visit their site in (emis/mic)

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