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IMG-20180726-WA0001Laboratory of Rural Planning and Public Policy, Urban & Regional Planning (PWK) Department, Faculty of Engineering UB (FT-UB) that was represented by Ar. Rohman Taufiq Hidayat signed the Decree of the Establishment of Asian Forum for Rural Research, Planning and Development (AFRRPD) on July 6, 2018.

The signing of this declaration was held at Mahasaraswati University in Bali along with the 9th International Rural Research and Planning Group (RRPG) conference entitled “Asian Rural Sustainable Development: Promoting Spiritual, Culture Values, and Local Practices”.

RRPG is a meeting and network between experts and practitioners in the field of rural development who plan to discuss, exchange experiences, and research ideas, plan and regulate activities for mutual benefit. The establishment of the RRPG is based on volunteerism on the same interest in rural topic research and development planning practices.

The RRPG has now held an annual meeting which is packed in conference activities. In 2019, the PWK Rural Planning and Public Policy Laboratory will be trusted to host this international conference.

RRPG members come from universities, NGOs, international development agencies, government agencies, and other relevant institutions. At present, the RRPG member network originates from countries such as England, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Germany. While the signing of the declaration is carried out by representatives of 17 institutions from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, India, and Singapore.

The contents of the Bali Declaration are as follows:

  1. Cooperation to develop education about sustainable village development
  2. Research, publication, and development collaboration
  3. Exchange program for empowering rural resources
  4. Sharing knowledge and experience on rural policy and planning
  5. Develop innovative approaches and entrepreneurship for rural and regional promotion.

“With this declaration, cooperation with the members who are members of the RRPG can be further developed,” explained Ar. Rohman Taufiq Hidayat, one of the PWK lecturers who are concerned about this rural field.

“Especially with this declaration providing an opportunity for PWK lecturers to work together in the field of research, opening opportunities for internship (KKL) abroad for PWK FT-UB students, so that the Department of PWK is expected to be more global in the field of Rural Planning,” he added. (AA/mic)

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