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25659408_10215085902279682_4245905111035195391_nThe evolution of interaction and communication patterns rapidly evolving. Social media as a forum for communication and information between users began to form in 1978 with the invention of bulletin board system initiated by Ward Christensen and Randy Suess where we can send electronic mail. The development of online social media increasingly shows its existence in 2002 where Friendster became a phenomenal social media in its era. The development does not stop there, one by one many kind of social media popping up in cyberspace, such as facebook, twitter, linkedIn and some other media.

Recorded on a survey by We Are Social the number of internet users in Indonesia in 2017 was 132.7 million users of a total population in Indonesia which reach 262 million or about 51% of the population has accessed the virtual world. We Are Social also noted that social media that is often visited by users in Indonesia is 49% youtube, facebook on the second place with 48%, instagram 39%, twitter 38%, and whatsapp 38%. From the survey is not surprising if social media can actually be the right weapon for marketing a brand including education field.

Dave Kerpen (2011) defines social media as the texts, images, videos, and links online that are shared among people and organizations. Website is one of the social media official owned by Faculty of Engineering as liaison between organization and stakeholder. The website management makes information delivery more accessable because it can be accessed through mobile phone so that we can access any update about digital information from the Faculty of Engineering anytime and anywhere.

Utilization of social media in universities is needed as a medium of information, promotion for new admissions, promotion of research and innovation as well as a forum for communication between stakeholders and alumni with universities. All of the utilization of media that boils down to the increasing branding of colleges, including the Faculty of Engineering. Utilization of media is closely related to the reputation that will be built by Faculty of Engineering in the future. Most people now already internet literate so anyone can obtain information freely and widely about the Faculty of Engineering through online media.

“Content is the King and Design is the Queen” is very closely related in the world of websites. Content on the website greatly affects the perception, brand image and public opinion of the agency’s reputation. Faculty of Engineering branding reflected on the content of the website in the form of delivery of profiles, identities, information, and the news update. The speed of the delivery of public information is likely to be a main requirement for improving perceived quality of an agency. The rapid and dynamic development of IT must be optimized to build faculty reputation. Reliable grammar, news, information, photographs, and videos as well as the importance of beautiful, clean, neat, simple, and user friendly website look to be a package to optimize the promise of Faculty, “Easy, Friendly, Trust” service and realizing a qualified and reputable Faculty of Engineering.

1/10 Finalists of Articles Writing Competition 2017
Anggi Anggraeni
Administrative  staff of  Urban and Regional Planning
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya

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