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miraStarting from the emergence of the first social media, Friendster, in 2002 that became booming and phenomenal. Then followed by LinkedIn in 2003 that not only offers features for social just, but also to find a job, so that social media functions are growing. In the same year as LinkedIn, there was also a social media called MySpace that was easy to use so user friendly.

After the social media began to be used by some Internet users, Facebook emerged in 2004. Facebook is one of the social media that is very booming in mid-2008 and early 2009. Users from Facebook is very diverse, from children to adults. The features of Facebook allows users to connect with whoever they want to. Therefore, Facebook is very popular with many people. After several years Facebook became the social media with the most users, new social media outbreaks, Twitter which is no less desirable by internet users.

Once Facebook and Twitter exist, more and more other social media are popping up. Lately, social media Youtube is favored by many people because through youtube they can get the information needed visually and for the creator can burst their creativity through it and remain connected with people.

According to the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII) in 2012, approximately 63 million Indonesians are connected to the internet and as much as 95 percent of their activity is opening social media. Even Indonesia is predicted will become the country with the most active and most social media users. One of the most powerful reasons why it can happen is because mobile internet devices are more affordable to allow greater network penetration.

Currently, various societies utilize existing social media to support their daily activities both in jobs, organizations, and others. As a netizen who wise in using social media, we must use the social media to the maximum extent possible. Social media can be utilized in many ways, one of them is in educational institutions. Social media can serve as a support for the progress of an educational institution for example in the Faculty of Engineering. Through social media we can show the profile of the Faculty of Engineering, what competencies are obtained by the graduates, what’s their contributionto the community, and others. That way, the reputation of Faculty of Engineering can be known by others.

We can also publicized work programs that exist in the Faculty of Engineering, which can provide a quality image on the Faculty of Engineering. In addition to programs, existing activities can also be displayed on social media. Positive and active activities are expected to make the quality of Faculty of Engineering increase. Actually, we can do so many things with social media, we just need to choose to achieve our goal.

Social media is a good means to realize a qualified and reputable Faculty of Engineering. Many ways can be done with social media to achieve that goal. Just choose whichever ways to make it happen.

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Benedicta Shania Miranda H
Industrial Engineering, 2017 Freshmen

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