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IMG_3680The 2018/2019 curriculum formulation has been completed and has become a draft academic guidebook for 2018/2019. Entering the schedule for inputting the Study Plan Card (KRS), the S1 Study Program Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) Faculty of Engineering UB (FT-UB) in collaboration with the PWK Association held a Socialization of the 2018/2019 Undergraduate Program and Open Talk Curriculum in 2018.

The event was attended by lecturers, students, and hundreds of PWK undergraduate students in the Studio 1&2 on the 3rd Floor of the PWK New Building on August 6, 2018.

The event was opened with a speech from the Secretary of the Department of PWK, Ismu Rini Dwi Ari. “Students must be careful to read the curriculum in the academic guidebook, where compulsory courses have been or have not been taken,” she explained.

Presentation on Explanation of the S1 Study Program 2018/2019 curriculum conducted after Ismu Rini Dwi Ari remarks. Septiana Hariyani explained that several changes to the Undergraduate Study Program curriculum include the addition of internship (KKL), reduction of Elective Courses from four to three, and changes in credits. Changes to this curriculum will be applied to the 2016-2017 and 2018 generations.

KKL courses which are the new subjects in the PWK Undergraduate Study Program are explained by Ar. Rohman Taufiq Hidayat with a systematic explanation for taking courses that can be taken in odd or even semesters and for their implementation can be carried out overseas. The next explanation was presented by Kartika Eka Sari with an explanation of some changes to the Final Assignment regulation, one of which was the number of test examiners who were originally two lecturers into one lecturer.

In addition, the PWK  Final Examination was also divided into three coordinators which were originally only coordinated by Nindya Sari. The three coordinators were Wawargita Permata Wijayanti for the proposal seminar coordinator, Deni Agus Setyono became the results seminar coordinator, and the final task session coordinator was held by Kartika Eka Sari. The final S1 exam is scheduled monthly for proposal seminars, Seminar Hasil, and final assignment sessions with the implementation every Monday and maximum registration on Wednesday.

“The exam schedule will start from August to January 2019,” explained Kartika Eka Sari.

The final exam registration system is also updated with the online system through the page. In addition to the registration of the final exam, the online system also provides a final task assistance menu that can be filled by students so that it can be a reference to see the progress of the Final Project work.

The event was even more interesting with the submission of several questions from students in the question and answer session. The expectation of the PWK Department is to improve the understanding of PWK S1 students towards the structure of curriculum in 2018/2019 – 2022/2013 and curriculum evaluation for the 2017/2018 Academic Year lecture process.

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