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sscFaculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) received a comparative study visit from Senior High School Guidance Learning Institute (LBB) of Sony Sugema College (SSC) Gresik. A total of 160 Students are accepted by Academic staff Retnowati, S.AB and the Dean Secretariat Mirzah Ardiansyah, SE in Prof. Ir. Suryono Auditorium, 2nd Floor of Faculty of Engineering Building, Friday (28/Des/2017).

Visits to FT-UB are routine visits that have lasted more than 3 years. Students are invited to explore information about UB and FT related to the mechanism of new students admission and various departments in UB. Furthermore, the presentation of the majors in UB Faculty of Engineering and the achievements that have been achieved so far has been presented to the students.

“Achievement is one of the university’s considerations in accepting new students. Also, do not worry about the expenses, there are a lot of scholarships in UB. One of them is Bidik Misi which can be submitted from high school. In addition to entrance fees and school fees you will also receive an allowance each month,” said Mirzah in his explanation.

During the presentation of the material, the students who were present also seemed to listen carefully to the material presented. After the delivery of the material, a question session was opened. The students in attendance were very enthusiastic in asking questions. Mirzah gave the UB FT souvenir gift for those who ask.

The questions thrown by the students are varied. Most of them ask about the prospect of a profession that can be done after they graduate from FT. Many of them are also asking for tips and tricks to be accepted to UB.

Mirzah then confirmed that to be accepted in UB students must prioritize UB. The consideration is, the students who really want to study in UB will place it as the first choice. So, even though students have good grades, but putting UB in the second option, they will not be processed. “We are sorry if we did not process who chose UB as a second choice. So now set your heart, choose UB!” he said. (emis/mic)

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