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IMG_3975The Open House of Water Resources Engineering (WRE) Student Association 2017 takes place at the Auditorium of Prof. Ir. Suryono, Thursday (12/Oct/2017). This event invites all academicians of Department of Water Resources Engineering. In addition to the introduction of the functionaries of the student association and its programs, this annual event is also a place to strengthen communication between students and lecturers.

Leaders of the Department were present along with several Lecturers and Professors of WRE department, Prof.Dr.Ir. Suhardjono, MPd., Dipl.HE and Prof. Dr. Ir. Lily Montarcih Limantara M.Sc. Also present representing the Dean, Dr. Slamet Wahyudi ST MT as Vice Dean for Student Affairs Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya together with Executive Board of FT Students.

Dr. Slamet expressed his full support for the new Set-up stewardship. “A solid organization which has a clear vision is the key for achievement of the student association and the Department,” he said.

Furthermore, the Student Association is welcome to submit the Program for 2017-2018 period. In front of the students, head of department, and the lecturers they expected all academicians of WRE department can increased its solidity.

On this occasion Prof. Suhardjono as Senior Lecturer and FT alumni also gave motivation session. Prof. Suhardjono stressed on the clear and open communication to ensure the success of their program.

“Students often feel uncomfortable or feel that lecturers and leaders are less able to understand what the students want. But don’t worry and set assure that we also have a clear vision to build our beloved department,” he said. The professor who once served as dean of FT adds that he and almost all lecturers here are alumni of FT, and also activist in the past.

“Almost all our lecturers have also passed the process you are doing right now. So, do not hesitate, do not be afraid, do not be shy. Almost all our lecturers are equally gone through the process you are running now, it is important to communicate your ideas and innovations well!” he concluded.

The open house then followed by an open discussion and closed with a group photo with the entire academic community who attended. (ems/mic)

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