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IMG_0983Tuesday (27/Dec/2016), FT-UB get a visit from SSC Gresik branch. No fewer than 200 students and counselors participated in the event entitled Tour De Campus (TDC) 2016 University of Brawijaya. In His speech, Miftahul Ulum as the SSC’s coordinator of this trip offer his gratitude to FT-UB for the acceptance.

In this visit, participants gain exposure on UB profile generally followed by FT-UB profile in more depth from the head of Students Affair Subdivision, Suryawan S.Sos and representative from Accademic affair Dwi Retnowat, A.Md. The participants were very enthusiastic, evidenced by the many questions from the participants asked in the Q & A session.

They asked about the scholarship that can be applied, the type of student admission, tuition, Each Department profile, job opportunities after students completed the study, benefits of research and dedication to the community, to campus life in the faculty of engineering.

Revealed in the presentation, FT-UB opens opportunities for students who want to study here through achievement. “We opened the opportunity for prospective students who have achievement, it must be first to third place for national competitions. Registration is in March-April, the test is around June,” said Suryawan

For tuition, UB put it proportionally. It starts from zero payment (known as the Bidik Misi program, there are about 10% of students per year) to a maximum of Rp. 6.000.000, – per semester. “If you are in a need, you can apply to receive Bidik Misi, but of course there are several requirements that must be met,” he said.

After the presentation and Q & A, the event continued with the exchange of souvenirs between the two sides as well as testimonials from alumni of  SSC who successfully pursue their dream in joining UB. (and/mic)

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