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yusfanFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so forth are some words that are familiar to Indonesian society today. This shows that it can not be denied again, social media (medsos) currently plays an important role in our pattern of daily communication. Not surprisingly since the ownership of smartphones (smartphones) in Indonesia by Menristekdikti Mohammad Nasir has colonized nearly 25% of the total population of Indonesia today.

There are pros and cons on the use of social media. What positive is social media can be a medium of exchange of information and latest developments. Distance is no longer a barrier when we want to share information or just simply update a selfie. Communication skills were honed through this online media. From here we can also identify the typical person through the content he likes to share in the group. But what should be the concern is the freedom of access in it which until now is still a homework for various providers to ward off crime as well as data theft. In addition, borrowing the term from Rhenald Khasali, medsos has also even become a disruption factor that causes some businesses to turn their brains to change the way they market their sales. It is necessary to have a wise attention in viewing the development of medsos, both in the ethical aspects of its use as well as content that wants to be shared to audiences.

Faculty of Engineering also feels like also to taste the fame through the phenomenon of this medsos. Perhaps the most often we feel is to be invited into Whatsapp groups. From here it can be seen how disruption of communication today requires us to speed, be it in searching for information or in getting feedback or replies. And indeed more broadly, social media has changed the paradigm of an organization in communicating. This phenomenon is inseparable from the many alternative medsos that effective and efficient compared with the traditional approach that is quite expensive and complicated as through SMS or email. But we still need to maintain the ethics and tolerance in communicating through medsos.

yusfan2In addition, although it has not been optimized properly, we should be confident with the resources owned by Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT UB) that undoubtedly able to spur FT UB running forward. Until now, through the utilization of social media, FT UB able to synergize various activities with publication. The achievement of FT UB was immediately quickly known to the public of civitas and society. With compelling content, this information is capable of affecting internal perceptions of developments that consequently trigger improvements and changes in various lines of management. It is good to optimize it, the content in the visual culture should also be the latest reference in lifting the latest trends to be collaborated with the activities of FT UB. Thus, the impression of formality and stiffness that (still) attached to FT UB little by little transformed into a friendly impression, slang and of course up-to-date. Undoubtedly, the community, especially UB academicians will always wait and hunt for news updates from FT UB activities and simultaneously excite communication in it. Moreover, the comments can be considered as internal evaluation. Viva FT UB!!

Finalist of Article Writing Competition 2017
Yusfan Adeputera Yusran, ST., MT.Ars., Ph.D.
Department of Architecture FT-UB Lecturer

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