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S__10854515Laboratory of Environment, Infrastructure, and Information System (EIIS) Urban & Regional Planning (PWK) Department carries out one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, Community Service from July to August 2018. PKM Funding with funding from the University Faculty of Engineering Brawijaya is held in Sumbersari and Ketawanggede Urban District, Malang City.

The selection of RW 1 Sumbersari and RW 3 Ketawanggede as locations is not without reason. Based on the Studio Settlement 2018 database, the results of a survey of PWK S1 students, trash dumps and services of RW 1 Sumbersari and RW 3 Ketawanggede exceeded the other RWs, which amounted to 641.4 kg / day.

Community Service promoted by Kartika Eka Sari, ST., MT., and Dadang Meru Utomo, ST., M.Urb & Regplan and in accordance with the direction of the Chair of the EIIS Laboratory Dr. Ir. Budi Sugiarto Waloejo, MSP.

“This community service was inspired by Mrs. Dian Kusuma Wardhani, ST., MT. one of the drivers of the zero waste movement that sends a video of the activities of residents in one of the Jakarta regions who have made a move towards the zero waste area,” Kartika Eka Sari explained,

280128This activity are carried out with a plastic bag barter system which is commonly used by shops or stalls for the buying and selling process with brown paper bags or paper cups that are more environmentally friendly. Recorded from 27 shops or stalls in RW 1 Sumbersari, there are 12 shops or stalls that are willing to exchange containers with the PKM team in collaboration with the 2017 PWK S1 students who jumped into the location.

336714Twenty shops in RW 3 Ketawanggede were also willing to exchange their plastic bags so that they were obtained within a one-month period the team managed to reduce 1,040 plastic containers.

The reduction of plastic bag waste is a hope for the beginning of the Malang City waste reduction movement, especially in the neighborhood of RW 1 Sumbersari and RW 3 Ketawanggede. Although reduction is still on a small scale but in the implementation of PKM, there is a great hope of the EIIS Laboratory team to reduce plastic waste on our beloved earth. (AA/mic)

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