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iqbalSocial media is a place that can accommodate many things, both positive and negative. Using social media in a good way can cause good things to come to the user either directly or indirectly. Social media is also one of the factors that can make an individual, group, and even organization to grow and improve their quality. So what happens if the application of this good social media applied in the Faculty of Engineering?

The role of social media for the faculty of engineering is important so it must be operated well and with the right people. In social media, the main thing is to provide information on what is happening around the scope of the faculty of engineering. Suppose that if there is an achievement achieved, we can make news in the form of announcements or even articles on the achievements that have been achieved by the faculty of engineering, so that people who read the news in social media have new information that the faculty technique is a faculty full of accomplishments in various fields. People who read the news can also talk about it with their friends and from the conversation will be scattered the name of a reputable and qualified engineering faculty.

Social media can also be a place to care for each other. We can post an event that requires immediate help, either in terms of funds or plunged into a live field that will make people aware of the events that occur around them. The number of such events makes the role of social media is important because it can facilitate engineering faculty students to reach people who need any help. One of the most frequent events organized to help the community is blood donation. Blood donors do look trivial but in doing so it has helped many people in tackling the shortage of blood for the sake of surgery or something else.

Social media can also be a place to accommodate people’s aspirations. We can create a questionnaire or critical question whose answers can impact the wider community. Students as a bridge between the community and the government must be active and critical for the government to run well, and if there is something which is not appropriate then the public has right to know and can submit their respective votes that will be submitted to the government through students. In doing this, the community became aware that the students of the engineering faculty were indeed students who were active and concerned about the community and willing to act in order to bring the government to the right path.

In conclusion, social media is a vital tool for the faculty of engineering both to enhance their reputation and quality as well as to be close to communities and governments that hopefully will continue to work together so that they have one mind in common and will create a harmonious environment.

Finalist of Article Writing Competition 2017 (2/10)

Iqbal Ridhayanto
2017 Freshmen of Industrial Engineering

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