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forum gathering TIK UBForty five administrative staffs of Information Technology and Communication (TIK) from the Administration of Information System and Public Relation (PSIK) cross Faculty of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) gathered in the 3rd floor meeting room Faculty of Engineering (FT), Thursday (22/Des/2016). The gathering was held as an effort to improve IT services for the academic community at UB,.

Head of PSIK-FT Ir Unggul Wibawa M.Sc. and Head of Information System of PSIK FT Adharul Muttaqin, ST., MT, welcomed the participants to host the bi-monthly gathering. Also attending the gathering forum, FT-UB Dean, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT.

“IT has become a cornerstone of excellent service for UB academic community. Almost all of the services we have are using ┬áthe online system, and you all here is the key,” said the Dean opened his speech.

The Dean also expressed his support for such gathering so that there will be exchange of information and channeling the aspirations of the instigators of IT. He said that in the future there will be an equal distribution of IT infrastructure and support facilities in all faculties, this gathering forum is the one that will have to formulate the specifications in real terms.

In this fifth Gathering Forum, Ratno Wahyu Widianto ST representative of TIK UB as a forum moderator advance the aspirations of the participants of the forum, what kind of difficulties and obstacles experienced in their respective faculties.

forum gathering TIK UB 2Act as the speaker in that morning activities was Raden Arief Setiawan ST., MT as The Head of Infrastructure and Data Division UB. The discussion forum is about wireless networking services for the academic community. The current wireless network services in UB is still not evenly distributed.

Department of Electrical Engineering lecturer with Infrastructure’s specifications then invited the participants to simulate the wireless network monitoring. He also gives tips and tricks to optimize the power network in each faculty.

The gathering forum then concluded with QA and discussion session with the speaker. In this discussion summarized the importance of equalizing network facilities in each faculty.

“Thus, maintenance and optimization of the infrastructure should be standardized so that the problem solving could also be standardized for the entire UB,” said Raden Arief. (emis/mic)

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