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QUEST (3)On Sunday, February 17th, 2019, SQE Laboratory has held a regular activity called Quest Vol 4. The theme was “Students Growth Hacks: How to keep balancing between academics and non-academics”.

Quest Vol 4 was opened by Rheza Adnandy as the master of ceremony and continued with the moderator, Mahendra Habriantama. The theme was focused on the tricks on how to keep balancing between academics and non – academics. The participants of the event were higher than 50 participants.

There were 2 sessions, the first session was about the sharing session about tips&tricks on campus with Firda Rahmatika (SQE2015), Qurrota A’yunin (SQE2016), dan Azizah Putri Nur Aini (SQE2016).

QUEST (4)Firda Rahmatika shared about the tips to graduate within 3.5 years and her struggle to reach the bachelor. Qurrota A’Yunin shared about the internship (KKNP) experiences, how to get the right topic, and how can she presented her conference about the internship (KKNP) as soon as possible. Not only about the academics and the undergraduate thesis, in Quest vol 4, but Azizah Putri also also shared her knowledge to keep balancing between academic and non – academics. Also, she explained about her participation in PMW and LPM SOLID FT – UB.

QUEST (2)The next session was the session with the special guest, Reinukky, as the entrepreneur of the most viral coffee shop in Malang (Pesenkopi). On this session, Reinukky shared his experiences about how he started the business, how he chose the right business that will be developed, and what is the right thing to know what customers need.

The session was so inspiring. The participants of Quest Vol 4 was enthusiastic to ask him about the business that he does, especially in the coffee shop. Quest Vol 4 was closed with the souvenirs from SQE Laboratory to Reinukky, and also the photo session.

QUEST (1)“This event is an annual event that held by SQE Laboratory. I hope that there will be an innovation, how it packs that will be interesting and will get more and more participant. Besides that, I hope that Quest next year will have a special guests star that motivate me like, Reinukky,” Said Yayan as an assistant of SQE Laboratory.

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