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Juara 1 LKTI InstincStudents of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) again, re-incised achievement in the national arena. Muhammad Husni Mubarok (Mechanical Engineering 2015) together with his two colleagues from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Dewi Mulya Sari and Pranaya Arya to compete in Innovation Science & Technology National Competition-2 (INSTINCT-2) 2017 at University of Sumatera Utara.

The three of the successfully won the first prize by creating Biop-Mac (Biogas Purification Machine), prototype of biogas purification tool through the utilization of tile powder to produce biometan as renewable energy in Indonesia.

Before producing the Biop-Mac, the team guided by Prof Dr Ir Mochammad Junus, MS from Faculty of Animal Husbandry, prepares the tub of digester and a tube containing the waste absorbent before then assembling and implementing it. After designing the tool, the next step is to implement the design which then produces the Biop-Mac tool.

Presentation_171005_0025The working principle of this tool is quite simple, cow dung is inserted into the container (digester). In this tub of cow dung will be contained in a closed environment to form biogas, where this biogas will be purified into biometan. Furthermore, biogas will be channeled to the tube containing absorbent tile powder.

In this tube the tile powder that serves as the absorbent will bind the CO2 gas contained in the biogas. After passing the tube containing the absorbent of tile waste, biogas will become biometan. Then biometan flowed and put into a gas cylinder that has been prepared beforehand.

Presentation_171005_0038To test the Biop-Mac, the team created a tool called Roof-Biotion. The tests conducted to determine the amount of biogas purification efficiency into biometan and whether the biometan that is formed capable of producing greater heat than biogas.

“Alhamdulillah Biop-mac can win this competition because it proved superior to other absorbent in the market, our absorbent tile material is easy to obtain, does not pollute the environment, and the absorption of CO2 in biogas can reach 100%,” said the team leader, Husni Mubarak. (mic)

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