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To all Academic & Admnistrative Staffs of
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya

In connection with the development of GAPURA services by TIK unit of Universitas Brawijaya, UB Email (@ as one of the most frequently accessed information system user service will also be integrated to GAPURA.

To achieve this integration, Email UB ( has been officially migrated into the Gmail platform on August 1, 2017. The migration did not cause changes to the email correspondence address ( which commonly used by UB Email users, however UB’s Email access modification is changing according to the Gmail platform of GSuite. From the date of the migration, all new emails will be received and sent via the Gmail platform from GSuite.

The information related to Gapura and Google Suite can be accessed at

While the email migration guide can be accessed:

The old Email usage is still accessible at

Here’s how to import UB Webmail to Gmail UB:

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